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SnapFocus Follow Focus System by Midas Mount
  • Revolutionary follow focus system:


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  • Interesting, but why 2 bicycle brakes? Wouldn't one handle the focus? What is the second one for, zoom?

  • It's a back a forth push pull between the two brakes. If only it was focus on one side and zoom on the other....

  • Interesting .. but all these things change the game too much. As per @fosterchen .. zoom on right hand .. focus on left hand.

    Anything else I can't get excited about.

  • @fosterchen

    I removed the link in first post, and will do the same for any crowdfunding project not by our members.

    Otherwise, idea looks crappy. Really crappy.

  • Now let me get this right.. First we had camcorders we held in one hand/on shoulder, with zoom/record buttons at our fingertips, one hand free to focus, wave, shift furniture, get a life..

    To improve on this we got DSLRs. We hold them on rigs with two hands. Those hands do nothing but steady the rig and get sore after 15 minutes...

    And now we're finally cooking with gas here. Both hands have something to do. Bicycle brakes. Tour de France here we come!

  • Hey, this has got my sportive creative juices flowing..

    How about a pogo-stick monopod?

    • or reeeally heavy rig weights, for building biceps?

    Gotta get an Olympic logo involved somehow..

  • The idea was published by Arte's "Court Circuit" months ago as a garage project. Nothing too revolutionary…

  • What amazes me is that they think they can patent a lens with a gear .. and a zipgear laid out flat attached to a cable at either end :)

  • Want some extra shke with your focus pull... ;)

  • This looks like a completely flawed design. You need to squeeze your fingers that also support the entire rig. Like @alcomposer said: extra shake :P

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