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GF2 any way to enable live HDMI while recording ?!
  • I started this thread in order to get information, is it possible to enable HDMI out while recording, much needed when using an external monitor ? Any tips/tricks/hacks ?

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  • Greetings, I discovered that if you press the menu / set while we are viewing the photos if you see on the screen external, but if we press the menu / live set this menu does not come out, in conclusion is no software limitation of hardware .

    forgive for my English I am Spanish and I only know the basics

  • i think i've read somewhere about holding the q-menu or display button for a few seconds. You could try...

    I tried that on both hacked and unhacked pal and ntsc cameras .. did not work for me. I have 3 all up

  • i think i've read somewhere about holding the q-menu or display button for a few seconds. You could try...

  • @neededandwanted , i don't think it is usable, as that is only port to drive external EVF, it should need a special, custom decoder/converter to build in order to make a usable video output, if possible.

  • So, probably a stupid question, but has anyone tried to analyze the signal that comes out of the EVF port on a GF2? It's most likely crap, as it only needs to feed the 200,000 pixel electronic viewfinder, but I'd love to know if there is ANYTHING we can do with that signal.

    I am not dreaming of RECORDING from that output, but even a relatively crappy signal for framing alone would be nice. (Attaching a loupe to the normal screen makes it impossible to use the touchscreen, which is apparently necessary for MOST of the camera's functionality).

    But that EVF port under the hotshoe outputs SOMETHING. Has anyone seen anything about it anywhere?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev , yes, i wanted to say it's a hardware limitation from the factory ...

  • They are just different with GH2 from hardware standpoint.

  • GF2 will not output any video while recording (shooting) i think this is not possible, a factory settings.

  • an HDMI to composite video converter is about $60 if you want a solution...

  • Thanks for the hint.

    But unfortunately I do NOT own a HDMI-monitor. Just a little cheap LCD-TV that can be used as a monitor via AV (very cool for 33 EUR). It works great playing my shoots but not for live view so far.

  • @MountainKing

    I don't know the GF2, but my GH2 with some HDMI monitor has some problem in PAL mode, it only works in NTSC, maybe you want to try that...

  • I jump on this one.

    Same question for the AV-Out/Digital-Out. I am able to play my vids on my small silvercrest portable 7 inch TV but not while shooting.

    Is there an option that can be chosen in the GF2 menu? Didn't find anything so far.

    Cheers Jens