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Cock Ring Friction Follow Focus
  • Oh dear .. please don't tease.

    Friend's daughter works at Adultshop locally. She was with him he came over I was trying out all types of elastic bands etc to find something that slipped over the gear of my Lanparte follow focus so I could use as a friction follow focus on lenses with continuous rotating focus rings.

    She offered to take it to work .. she was sure she had something .. she came over the next day with the perfect solution.

    A 1 and a 1/4 inch cock ring .. perfect fit for Lanparte .. those with smaller or larger units than me may need a different size :P

    This one is made of Rubber

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  • Any-cock'll-doooo

  • Very clever, I like it.

  • OMG! This is a useful thread! More proof that life is not so serious. Thanks I'll be bringing my "gear" in for a fitting asap!

  • Does the gear have to be flaccid before applying?

  • lol, good find. All you need is a dildo-shaped microphone now.

  • Excellent! I am taking my FF to a nearby shop just to see the expression on their faces! Those people think they have the weirdest toys, let's see what they think of my rig :)

  • Ahh that's it! My ring was too small, got to get bigger one.

  • Is not a good solution, it's only for single use, :-)

  • If it's in focus it's pornography. If it's out of focus it's art!

  • I know Rule #34 would be applicable somehow.

  • Do you need to lubricate it before you put it on?

  • Came across this link - using silicon wrist bands as gear ring. Similar to the above and cheap as ...

  • Don't buy cock rings. Buy o-rings. They come in many different materials and sizes, and they cost less, so you can try a bunch of different sizes and find the perfect fit. A cock ring is basically just a Buna-N duro 70 or duro 50 o-ring. I've purchased from these guys before. The metric rings come in many different sizes. The standard rings come in more materials and cost less.