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GH1 I frame codec with gop1
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  • Here is some test footages made with GOP1 settings. May be it will be interesting for somebody.
  • Was messing around with low GOP settings and rig's GOP1 would crash constantly on my Transcend 16gb Class 10. I loaded This patch and changed Gop to 6 and it worked much better, didn't crash once in similar shots. Set it to GOP4 far so good.

    All I did was change 1080/25p to GOP5, 24p to GOP4, and under AVCHD Research I dropped the audio buffer to idea why...and upped the video buffer to max, 84. Works so far, but only done very basic shots. But it recorded super over exposed and in pure darkness it recorded 3 times as long as the GOP1 patch.

    EDIT: Just did a quick test to see how long it would record a all black scene and it went around 7-10 seconds when you start the scene, all black. It also did 7-10 recording a bright all white scene. However, when I started with a standard lit scene then moved to all black it went over 20 seconds before I got cold feet and moved the camera around. And by "This" patch, I mean LPowell's 100 mb Max Latitude patch.
    1290 x 676 - 143K
    1288 x 671 - 138K
  • Try this GOP 1 patch I have had some good luck with it

    PTool v3.62d (160811) settings

    Native 24p/25p checked

    Video Bitrate FHD/SH = 70000000
    Video Bitrate H = not checked
    Video Bitrate L = not checked
    Overall Bitrate = not checked

    720p60 GOP size = 1
    1080p24 GOP size = 1


    Preset bitrate = 530
    Preset bitrate 2 = 1060
    Overall bitrate 2 = not checked

    AVCHD Research
    Video buffer = 25.000.000
  • remember when this is a new idea - glad someone who is better at these things than me (Nick Driftwood) stepped up to the plate and made it happen.