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Out of maintenance
  • We moved to VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting.
    So, now we have much more memory, all will be faster and we could increase available power if necessary.
    This is why we had been at maintenance mode.
    Some things are not fully working.
    Will befixed soon.
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  • We are out.
    Sorry fo long delay.
    But admins that made file transfer preferred not to read that they had been asked to do.
    And made all according to their personal preferences that resulted in necessity to reconfigure things and fix passwords. :-)
  • Welcome back, now it`s time for 3.61d? :-)
  • This needs to be finished, and I am too tired now :-)
  • We will be here in the morning like puppy dogs wanting breakfast :-)
  • Forum could function weird sometimes as few things need to be installed in background.

    It is OK.
  • Cool! BTW I had an instance where I had a repeated comment for some reason and had to ask you to delete it. Is there any way of deleting your own posts?

    Not a biggie though.

    Hope you get some rest!

  • @Mark_the_Harp

    I hope to upgrade forum next weekend if I'll have time.
    Right now it requires editing scripts as I understand.
  • Plus email notices do not work.
  • All things besides email notices seems to be working properly.
  • Mail must be working now.
  • I´d like to have another thing working, but now I think your´re tired again:-)

    little joke, sry;-)
  • >but now I think your´re tired again

    Kind of, yes :-)
    Anyway PTool needs some internal changes before release, so it won't be instant.
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