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Sony NEX vs Panasonic G series (GF1,GF2, etc..)
  • I have a GH1 (hacked), however I'm very interested in a little camera for my travels. Good video quality is important to me. I've seen that you can get old sony nex cameras (sony nex 3 and 5) and 18-55 kit lens for cheap..about 300 $. Both models cannot allow full manual controls in video (you can't set ISO), however videos on vimeo looks pretty good. Of course nex camera and gf1/2 have different sensor , crop factor a comparison is not "fair", however I would be curious to know what (little) camera you can suggest for video quality: gf2/1 or sony nex 3-5?

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  • I think you should go for GF2, as there is a hack and you can still use your old m4/3 lenses. The GF2 are very cheap now!

  • Agree on GF2. It's already hackable, and VK is working on adding manual controls. It's nice to be able to share lenses between your small travel cam and the GH1.

  • GF2 is nice. GF3 will be nice too.

  • Small+good video in daylight=Sony HX9V Otherwise GF3 + 20mm 1.7, if smallness and lowlight Q is important. I use both with fingerstraps and a JOBY mini video-gorilla pod (magnetic feet and a fluid head, hilarious!)

  • Nex 3/5? No

    Nex 5n? Yes

    Hx9v yes in good light

    gf2 + hack yes


  • "gf3=dustbin"

    Vitaliy's working on a hack for it right now. I've actually got one, it's a fairly solid and usable camera; more than I would've expected.

  • Thank you for your comments! Considering that a canon t1i+ kit 18-55 is very cheap now (you can get it for about 370 €), it could be an option too...a little heavy, indeed, however I've seen lots of tourists with enormous telephoto lens, they're so many that they don't draw attention ;) I'm a proud GH1 owner (hacked, of course) ,however what do you think about canon 500/550 VIDEO quality vs GF1/GF2 hacked?

  • Just picked up my NEX 5n, pretty impressive little camera.. the body is very sexy looking , love the aluminum kit lens look, looks very highbuck.. but looks done mean much its about what it can turn out

    Low light stuff is really nice looking in the few minutes ive had to play with it. Mainly I got this for 60p 1080 footage for slow motion. Also my wife thought the "instant panorama" photo feature was cool. Still waiting for my lens adapter to come in so I can do some real comparisons with same lenses etc. The APS C sensor may allow for some crazy bokeh shots that the smaller micro4/3 sensor size doesn't but , I've never had issues getting bokeh with the micro4/3 sensor and fast lenses.