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Filmvision Pro plug-in
  • There's a YouTube user called ekzotica who has been posting some nice-looking videos from the G2 using this plug-in. I don't yet own a G-series camera, but I'd like to get one (probably G2) and I'd like to be able to achieve similar results. What would this involve?

    Thanks for your patience.

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  • nice try ekzotica...

  • That's me! You can see my video tests with the plug-in also here:

    All I try to produce is more cinema look closer to the real motion picture productions which look "deep" and "thick" instead on sharp like what the most people expect. Anyway, not easy to explain by words...

    Glad to see that you appreciate my plug-in, although some persons here criticized it (see the topics history).

    Two years ago I had no camera, no camcorder. That time I already experimented with my first filmlook plug-in using other Vimeo users videos taken with many different HD camcorders and cameras. By that way I have uploaded 150+ videos processed with my plug-in. I started receiving many messages per day from too many users in Vimeo asking me for the plug-in and sharing ideas and suggestions. But two (only two!) of all hundreds of users condemned me that I used their videos for my tests without their permissions, although they published their videos with the option for free download. I ALWAYS credited every user and video I used for my processing and also ALWAYS put the link to the original source!!! Anyway, those two persons with expensive camcorders and poor work results complained and my Vimeo profile was deleted totally(!!!) - just for nothing!

    Anyway, the FilmVision plug-in is still under development. Now I use GH1. With GH2 someday the results would be much better.

  • IMO, snake-oil, sorry. (And I do want it to work)

  • @Roberto, what do you mean about snake-oil?

    @Producer, which software does your Filmlook/Filmvision plug-in plug in to?

  • @spk : Sony Vegas Pro

  • @Producer, thanks for the quick reply! Would it work in cheaper versions of Vegas, or in any other NLEs? If so, would you be willing to make a copy of it available?

  • @Producer This is a fantastic look. Can you make a little guide to use this plugin? Could you implement this tool for After Effects? Thank you

  • Tested on Sony Vegas Pro versions only. No NewBlue, no Magic Bullet - to my eyes, they all produce some specific artificial look which is suitable for kinda music videos, but I wouldn't say they give a cinema motion picture look.

  • i have a lot off looks for vegas. (presets)
    they where created with the standard vegas plugins.


  • hey producer, are you a programmer? I think there could also be some money made out of this, what would you say your plugin does differently than Magic Bullet? Are you planning to release it?

  • @producer I like the look of some of these. Do you have a side-by-side of original and processed? Because of the huge range of source materials you've tried it with, a before / after might be really useful to see the difference it's making.

  • Still not for release, some Vegas Pro 11 crashes...

    I know Eugenia Queru's looks, not satisfied with them. They generally do color correction at all and usually add vignette for pseudo look, nothing more. I don't remember a movie with vignettes and similarities. Such a look can be useful for some photography conceptions, etc.

    Going to make a short "before & after" example soon. Give me your own up to 30 seconds raw video and I will process it. Better to try with GH2 raw video.

  • Short unedited video test processed with the latest version of my FilmVision Pro plug-in for the most authentic motion picture look:

    No digital lenses, no anamorphic lenses used!!! Only GH1 + M42 28-80mm 3.5-4.5

  • @producer is that available for Avid Studio pro v1 ?

  • @producer I have your standalone utility, but I can't understand the right workflow: 1) I load a source image to 'transfer' color to target image. 2) Then I process the source settings over target image and I get a image 'corrected' with source image color. 3) Finally, I save the final image as a AE profile. If so, do you have profiles to several scenarios? Can you post it in this thread?

    Thank you

  • @paglez: Not sure I understood your point. What standalone utility? Do you get satisfying results by transferring the color?

  • @producer AVG (Automatic Video Grade) You sent me a link for downloading it. It's not the same than Filmvision Pro?

  • I really don't understand... What link have I sent you, when?

  • @producer Sorry so much . I have confused. It was an similar aplication from pwc user. Sorry. However, how do you use it? It is possible a beta demo of this aplication

  • @producer Love your work! would you share your work?

  • @producer: I think the look is really nice. But: rolling shutter is pretty bad, looking forward to a video with shallow dof and 180 degree shutter (24p/25p with 1/50th) :) I SO hope you will release it. Is there a way to get those results with the built-in plugins?

  • I watched through a few edits, and the blacks are crushed WAY too much. This post is 10 months old and still no release so I guessing it's not real?

  • where can i find this plug in at and does it work for Vegas pro 12

  • Film Emulation - Preset for AE CS6

    Hey, this is what I came up with by trying emulate Film look on my simple GH2 footage. I actualy even made it into preset, which I still work on but will definetly release in few weeks. so here it is Film Emulation - Preset for AE CS6 (Filmvision Pro plug-in REAL version)