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Official GH1 "Lenin" Hack Project Discussion
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  • >Do you expect that a hack of the encrypted GH1, could pave the way for hacking the encrypted GF1?

    We'll see. It is early to tell, but I hope :-)
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, I'm curious, from start to finish how long was the original GH13 project? That is to say, how long did it take you from the beginning to the end to hack the camera?
  • I don't think there is/was an end. I think there was just a point of diminishing returns where it would take too much time for not a lot of gain, not to mention the GH2 came out and focus shifted to it.
  • It is already clear that some things from GH2 research will find its way to GH1.
  • Interesting... :)
  • Thank you for the information, but I still didn't get an answer. I mean, there must be some sort of time frame associated with the point at which Vitaliy and others were like: "hmm, let's hack this thing." and then: "hmm, we hacked it let's share it with everyone." I understand it's been an on going process, isn't all software development and ongoing process? :-)
  • @trevoralexander you don't understand how "opensource" works. It never ends. It flows like river. Trying to set into timeframe is like... trying to stop flowing water in river. Just let it flow and wait. Good things will begin floating around. You swim through the river and get on it. Then enjoy the ride.
  • @stonebat with all due respect, I'm not interested in metaphors on how "opensource" works. Your answer is not in the least bit helpful. Trust me mate, I do understand how opensource works, probably better than most. Maybe you are misunderstanding my question, I'm not asking for an explicit end date on the development of the GH13 project, I realize that up to this point there isn't one, hence the reason this thread exists in the first place. But, I think we can both agree there was a definitive start date on the project. That may look different depending on who's perspective your taking note from which is why I asked Vitaliy when the project began, I want an answer from his perspective. Moreover, there must have been a time in which the first patched firmware was released thereby giving me my answer, a time time-frame of the first hack as it were.
  • You will know the answer you are seeking "when" others apply hack and post great looking footage. i.e. when everyone can clearly see the hack is working great, we'd know it, too. We are the happy lemmings. They lead. We follow. We don't ask "when" we will get there. We will know when we get there. Be patient mate. All good things take time to cook.
  • @stonebat you are so busy trying to be witty that you are completely missing the premise of my question. You keep referring to the hack to come and not the original GH13 hack. "You will know the answer you are seeking "when" others apply hack and post great looking footage." This has absolutely nothing to do with my question. Again I say your answers are not in the least bit helpful. That being said, if I was asking the question you are randomly spouting answers to you have something to learn from @Vitaliy_Kiselev; what's that saying: "a picture is worth a thousand words."
  • @trevoralexander

    Calm down.
    I think that people try to say you that your question is really pointless.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, @stonebat I'm quite calm. I just assumed that I could come to this thread and ask a very basic, rather straight forward question and be welcomed by a community of individuals who were open to answer it with humbleness no matter whether they felt it was pointless or not. I had no idea I would be taken on a wild goose chase. It's really quite puzzling to me why people would rather waste their energy coming up with metaphors and ignorant comments than simply say: "oh hey, thanks for your question, we began work on the project on this date and the first hack was released officially on this date." How difficult is that? Does my question really warrant relentless nonsensical comments? Put yourself in my shoes, if you were a new member on a forum wanting to learn a little history about the community in an attempt to become a valid contributer would you like to be told what you should and shouldn't ask? This is no way to build a community. Even after posting this comment; however, I wouldn't be surprised to be blown off by some more off-kilter remarks. I hope I'm wrong.
  • > I'm quite calm.

    Now you made this about yourself :-)
    You also spend writing messages about 10x time required to get this answer via google :-)
  • @trevoralexander if you wanna find out about GH13 history and you do understand how opensource works probably better than most, here's the classical opensource answer to you. RTFM. In this case start digging into the old GH13 posts.

    Before seeking out "helpful" answers, ask more "helpful" questions. Otherwise you'd get more "not in the least bit helpful" answers.
  • I'm just grateful Vitaliy is working on it.
  • Me too Voyager.. but i can understand trevor asking the question.. he's probably just really excited about getting his hands on a hack and is just trying to get a handle on how long it may take.. weeks/months/year kind of thing. am sure it's just borne out of excited anticipation! see what you do to people Vitaliy!!!! ;)
  • So today, my GH1 arrived via UPS, and I was ready with my PTool and hacked firmware, excited to shoot some amazing video. Charged up the battery, inserted my memory card, hit the play button, and.... nothing happened.

    Only then did I realize Panasonic had screwed with this community's efforts, confirming the notion with some detailed Googling. With such a wealth of talk about the original GH13 hack, there was surprisingly little said about the updated GH1 bodies. I was totally let down until my search led me to this page.

    I just wanted to say thanks for working on this, as it will be a big help to the guy who'd rather pay $400 than $900 on a new camera with decent video capabilities.

    I was ready to return the GH1, but if you can assure me that this project is indeed moving forward toward successful results, I think I'd be wise to hold out. Have you received those cameras yet? And I WILL ask specifically about the current project, because after tons of camera research and a letdown purchase, I'm VERY eager: do you have an idea of how soon we can expect to see this camera opened up for us with the features from PTool?

    Thanks again.
  • >do you have an idea of how soon we can expect to see this camera opened up for us with the features from PTool?

    @italianbreadman don't be surprised if you don't receive a direct answer to your question. It's most likely they'll give you the following URL:
  • @trevoralexander

    The guys are just playing with you. I don't understand your pushy attitude when it's obvious that no one really knows the answer to your rather specific question. It's not like anyone put this stuff on a calender. The beginning was rather benign and it was essentially a handful of people on a forum talking about the possibility of hacking. Once the first tests were done, hundreds of people burst onto the forum and it became insanely turbulent and nobody stopped to properly archive any of it for posterity. Anyway, the whole process is somewhat documented so I went over there, pulled up the GH camera section and hit "last" on the page selection button and then backtracked until I started to see some of the threads that started this all.

    Somewhere around 5/09 and 6/09 seems to be where I see chatter about hacking. I believe that to be right since I bought my camera at the beginning of '09 and started doing hack testing around the beginning of '10.

    I think that's the best answer you can get.

    This time it's different though and although I think you are trying to estimate how long it will take based on how long it took last time, you can't compare the two directly as there are other things in the way, like firmware encryption and such.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Is the firmware image that you will be dumping from the new GH1 bodies different than the firmware that is available for download on Panasonic's site? I noticed that v1.3 (release date 05/10/2010) and v1.4 (no release date listed) are both availabe, but I'm assuming neither of those are the firmware you are in need of.
  • V1.4 is encrypted. The idea behind dumping the IC directly is that it won't be encrypted and we'll have direct source material.
  • Ah, I see. Thanks @svart.
  • I do not know that you mean under v1.4 firmware.
    v1.32 is last publically released firmware for GH1.
  • when people with the newer gh1(unhackable) cameras go into the "version" selection in the menu it shows V1.4 and not V1.3. Not real sure why it does, but it does.