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Rock Solid Settings
  • Lets share very stable & error free patches here,....(for above 30m/s class 10 cards + gh2)


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  • There already is a thread for that:

    Remember that you have to do your OWN testing. Stability depends on YOUR lenses, the speed and brand of YOUR memory card, the material that YOU are shooting, the settings YOU want to use, the record time YOU expect, the temperature (dont laugh it matters) that YOU shoot in.


  • na na,...see some patches are so stable with any lens temp and so on, just with class 10 30 m/s cards and above,.... i opened this topic to tag these patches separate from total numbers,... got it???? (i meant the very stable patch class 10 30m/s and above cards with gh2)

  • @troyjason

    Yes u r rite. i own a 64 gb san 95m/s still some patches are unstable sometimes. even quantum v9b and quantum 100 needs more stability. yesterday i had a problem with both. i feel if we get some very stable patches something with no error and trust worthy. do we have any over 88mbit? with maximum quality?

  • I doubt you will get many responses on this. The fact is that not many people really care about a patch that is rock solid for every card, and every lens, in every situation. That is because they can just spend a couple of extra dollars and get a faster card.

    They probably don't own every lens either. And they probably don't shoot in every type of situation. What they want is a hack tailored to their specific needs and their specific scenarios.

    The hack you requested was made and was thoroughly tested with nearly every card, and almost all lenses, in every scenario imaginable. It never fails which is actually saying something because even the stock V1.0 firmware will fail with some class 6 cards. The no adverse affects settings won't fail at all. However, that really is not that important to most people.

    This firmware is the firmware that the GH2 should have shipped with in the first place. It is more reliable than Panasonic's own firmware at twice the bit rate.

  • No one really knows which patch settings are completely reliable. We all have different cameras and we're shooting different things, with different camera settings and different cards.

    The best any of us can do is to look across the forum and count up the reports of success and failure with each of the different settings. My assessment of user reports is that CBrandin's 44M and 66M settings are reliable, though you only get spanning in 32L. Driftwood's simplest patch settings (Aquamotion v1 and Reaquainted) are the most stable ones among all of the intra settings. But even then I've made Aquamotion fail by using ETC mode. (curable by shooting in 24L with the bit rate set to 66, or by just not using ETC mode)

    There are newer settings, like Flow Motion or my Cake that haven't received enough testing to call them reliable.

  • I've received a number of helpful reliability reports from testers on Flow Motion v1.0 and I'm currently fine-tuning patch revisions intended to function reliably in extreme cases and combinations of modes. In my experience, there are a number of difficult use cases that require significantly more conservative patch settings:

    • ETC mode, particularly in 720p & 1080i
    • High ISO, enabled by the ISO limit patch
    • Fast shutter speeds, above 1/60 sec
    • Native M4/3 distortion-corrected lenses
    • 4GB file-spanning at bitrates > 50Mbps

    I'd like to propose that video modes 24L (1080p), FH (1080i), and H (720p) be designated as the default modes for supporting all combinations of the above cases in GH2 patches.

    In addition, patches that exhibit stable behavior in Fallback Mode when forced to operate at excessively high bitrates should be considered reliable. Of course, for less demanding patches, any of the above cases can be optionally supported in the high quality recording modes as well. Standardizing on this approach will allow modes 24H, FSH, and SH to be reserved for highest-quality patch optimizations designed for cinematic filming conditions:

    • Manual-focus lenses
    • ISO 1600 and below
    • Shutter speed 1/60 sec and below
    • Non-ETC video modes
    • Individual takes of 3 minutes or less
  • I've found Aquamotion V2 to be pretty much flawless in 24h w/ my panny 20mm 1.7 lens. 720 60p also. Only time it ever gave me errors was with 720 60p, 3200iso and autofocus on the 14-42lens.

    That's with a sandisk 32gb 30mbs card.

  • @dbp Aquamotion v2 is not a stable one, i tested it 2 days ago and i am sure abt it. aquamotion v1.0 is good. and its stable to a extend. i feel this gentle man should try quantum100+Nine and Quantum v9b+Nine. Nine is a gh2-x patch finalized and tested by sage. i found quantum 100+ Nine is the best for any class 10 30 m/s cards and above. here find quantum 100 + Nine below.
  • See i dont think temperature and other things play a major role in patch and its stability. i am sure lens does a major role even in stock , but, it only plays a role in bokeh quality sharpness focus and so on... stability of the recording mode and these patch works are 100% software based. lens doesn't perform any role here. some patches from was stable when i tested. they are rock solid. dont try their roadrunner 200. i feel that intras esting 88 mbit. from them is the stable one of all.. very stable in 30m/s cards.

  • @rajamalik or anyone who has tried it, How does the 88Mbit hold up with really high detail ? Thats a very low bitrate for a GOP1 patch. I can't test at the mo as I'm in the middle of a project. I mean.. the size of your I-frames, your compression, is going to be about the same as those in the stock settings.

  • What about CBranding 44mbps???

  • @stray yep i tried 88mbit. its not a super quality patch. its much better than 44mbit for sure. see quantum 100 + Nine this patch is modified and tested by sage. the best patch u can get. it has fantastic quality in 720 slow motion and records 1080 24p h in 100 mbit & 50 mbit in lower setting,....quality is not compromised....almost similar to quantum v9b and Nine looks great in 720P,....

  • Cheers, yep have seen the + nine patches. I'm using the Quantum v9b at the moment, which is very solid for what I'm doing (mostly indoor shooting, short takes) and it holds up very well when working with the footage. I'm not really interested at all in shooting slowmo, I would always do that in post. I'm not shooting in 720p either, but will give the +Nine a spin if I need to. I'll switch to bkmcwds recent GOP3 patch for some outdoor shots I think. As troyjason said at the start of the post, stability is down to what you're doing/using. We've got plenty of stable options available (including spanning options) for any type of work now, and we'll all switch between patches (heh, and memory cards) when we feel the need to.

  • rajamalik 10:31AM Aquamotion v2 is not a stable one, i tested it 2 days ago and i am sure abt it. aquamotion v1.0 is good. and its stable Jep that is my experience also.

    But Nine dident work ad all, lot off errors.
    and Quantum v9b did work great...

    All i can say is, @balazer is absolute right.....

  • @rajamalik

    You sure that quantum 100+ Nine works on 30mb/s cards, in 720 60p, with panasonic lenses? That's my biggest problem, most of the patches seem to have dodgy 720p modes, at least with my Panasonic 20mm. The 24p works with all of them, though I noticed that with the really high end ones, like quantum 9b, you can't change the aperture while recording, or it'll fail. Not a big deal when shooting narrative stuff though, which is precisely when I'd use that patch.

  • @dbp yes as for as stability, spanning and quality is concerned. quantum 100 + Nine is the best patch. this patch also supports long time recording as it does only 100Mbit through. i dont have a youtube channel. i will upload few of my videos soon with this patch. camera panning burst mode and best quality slow motion possible. i am sure it does superb in a 45m/s class 10 card. about 30 m/s you have to check but, according to driftwood quantum 100 spans in 30m/s. i used 14-140 g kit lens. try 1080 24p H today and tell me. it works and it is stable.try this and comment down.

  • @mozes Nine works in above 45m/s cards class 10 sdhc.i think u have a slower card and tried NINE in burst mode. oops.i have a sandisk 45m/s card. Nine works well and stable. quantum v9b thats awesome i know. but it wont span and wont be much stable after sometime if u dont have a 95/m sdxc plugged in.

  • i have also a sandisk 45m/s card (8gb), but nine did give errors.
    Further i did not see any improvement from driftwood settings?

  • @mozes driftwood is not improved by sage he just added nine with driftwood . Quantum 100 and Quantum v9b both are untouched. Read the .ini personally compare the original and from sage the "nine". Sage just added NINE in 720 burst. it's strange that nine didn't work for u. Did u tried the slow motion? What abt driftwood 100 u r side?

  • @lpowell : I understand perfectly your proposal and I support it. Even the stock settings sometimes face issues on less than stellar SD cards. We are happily using patches that stretch the bit rate in orders of magnitude from stock, it's nigh on impossible to have "Rock Solid" patches if we don't have conditions scenarios. Perhaps we should also settle on an Full HD "animated" torture chart as the minimum benchmark.

  • Does anyone know if there's a way to combine the 720 60p settings for Aquamotion v2 with the 1080p settings for Quantum 100?

  • @dbp I never tried this. I wish to know this too,.. @duartix see anyone who wish to take a shot in 1080p shld always have the requirements. A sdhc class 10 30m/s or above is essential. Saying stock is not stable in slower card sounds childish. It is like saying a gun shld shoot with any bullet we load. Capability stands apart. Here we discuss rock solidity with capable sdhc and sdxc. :)

  • @rajamalik : Perhaps you should re-read my post. I'm not saying a gun (Patch Set) should shoot with any bullet (SD C10), but what I'm reading within the lines of your posts here and there and everywhere, is that you are expecting to find a magic gun that kills every target with that silver bullet you are using. That isn't realistic. Being realistic is defining realistic conditions where things should work without problems. That's what I'm supporting.

  • @duartix u r right sir. But my topic is not about gun and bullet. This topic is for people who has a gh2 + 30mb/s or faster c10 Sd cards. I tested many patches which are very stable and rock solid end to end . Did u ever tried 44mbit driftwood?? Anyway if u had tried all post samples here don't act smart without proving anything @rajamalik and @duartix both of u. Rock solids are there. Post or be away.

  • Sorry @Griffin. I didn't read the thread from the very start and just dropped in replying to lpowell's post. I'll be leaving now.