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7-14mm Lumix lens
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  • @5thwall SWEET!!!! Thanks for the info!

    Definitely one of my favorite lens on the GH2 and the filter thread/adapter seems definitely worthy of purchase. Let us know how it turns out and I'll be ordering one myself.

  • @Mark_the_Harp Ahhh, the Internets. They make me so happy sometimes. I found this link yesterday:

    It's in Chinese, but the pictures are enough and Google Translate did the rest. Just ordered what I think to be the same part from eBay and should get it within the next couple of weeks to test out. This is pretty much what I thought one would have to do to get an ND filter affixed to the front of the lens. I just wasn't sure which parts to get. This brave soul did the work for me, so thanks! ;)

    Here's the eBay part:

  • @5thwall Couldn't you make up something - maybe based on the lens cap or something the same size, with a hole in the front and an ND built in to it somehow? Or a sheet of ND attached to the lens? I mean it wouldn't look elegant but it would work.

    BTW interesting working with this lens - it certainly emphasises camera movement. This is a quick test with one of my daughters practising her drums in a rather strange-shaped space upstairs in our house. Just standard 24H with iso 3200, no processing - I was whizzing the camera round to see what sort of angles you could get with this lens. I'm not claiming it's great image quality but I hope it shows the sort of views you get with the lens (on 7mm).

  • @5thwall: I haven't found a solution. I have been going to the desert and will continue to more often. This is what holds me back from purchasing the lens. is a bit on the high side too. But in most cases 14mm is good enough. I want the 100-300 more now for what i'm doing.

  • Hi guys, I finally got my pc going again and downloaded the new 1.1 firmware for the 7-14 (which was 1.0) and am very happy to report that the AF is working fine now, and also that I can even do the "touch AF" thing by half-pressing the button - so it can stay in fixed focus and I can nudge it into focus if I need to, which is the way I prefer to work for on-the-fly shooting.

    Cheers all, and yes, @driftwood you were right - it is an amazing lens. I've been having a go at some stills (I use the Silkypix software to work with the RAW files) and I can't wait to finish my tax returns and get out there and play with this lens. For video it takes a bit of getting used to what you can / can't do, particularly handheld because of the motion of the image when so wide, but it opens up the possibility of some fantastic high and low angles.

    Out of interest I also loaded the new 1.1 body firmware but I assume I can put the old one back with the hacks (I much preferred my GOP1 patches!)


  • This is unrelated to the original question, so if there's another forum for this, my bad... My one issue with the amazing lens is that there are no filter threads.

    I've got an upcoming shoot in the desert. I would love to be able to use an ND filter with the lens. Has anyone out there figured something out?

  • Hi @Teki, thank you for that. Do you know your lens firmware version? With the lens attached, it should be in Setup -> (screen 4) Version Disp (that's on the GH2, anyway). It displays the camera firmware version with the lens version underneath. It would be great to know the lens version as if your lens is v1.0 like mine is, then obviously something is not quite right with how I'm using it.

    But I take your point about probably not using it in AF anyway, just wanted to check mine is doing what it should.

  • AF works for me in video mode. But I turn it off anyways, since it tends to hunt even though everything is in focus all the time.

  • Hi @driftwood - I think it's fab for those unusual shots, plus I was in a cathedral the other day and thought how great it would be to have a wider angle lens. It looks amazing, only stressing about the apparent unwillingness to Autofocus. However, in "photo" mode it does the focussing exactly as expected - very quickly and accurately. Could be the firmware version as I notice Pana site says it improved AF in 24H/L modes (however, it would be nice to just have it work)!

    I paid a bit more, £585 ish but it is amazing. Not such a bargain as yours though!

  • Its a fucking terrific lens dont worry. Probably my fav out of the Panny lenses. How much did you pay? I got my second hand from a photographer for £450 :-)

  • Thanks, @driftwood. It's a lot of money and I'm feeling a bit nervous about what I've bought...

  • AF works on v1.1 on mine I recollect, I'll check when I get home.

  • Just noticed my lens is firmware v1.0 and the new one is v1.1 so that might help. So would be interested in knowing @Jspatz what version your lens firmware is, because just done a few more tests, and it appears my 7-14 doesn't seem to be doing any AF when recording video - I manually focussed on something close, and then moved to something distant, and the focus just stayed where it was, ie all blurry when looking at the distant scene. This with top switch in AF-C and the menu in Continuous AF -> ON

  • Ah thanks - I'd appreciate that. It seems to work in AFC (continuous) but not in AFS (once video is recording). Mind you, everything's pretty sharp, just would be nice to do a refocus during a shot if I'm moving the camera close to something...

    Normally I'd check focus before recording, but it's nice to be able to adjust on the fly and I'm not a big fan of leaving AF on all the time.

    EDIT: I'm not convinced it's focussing continuously during recording, but it does on the "half-press" when it's not recording. Help - this was second-hand so I hope something's not wrong with this lens.

  • It may take a second or 2 to react. This is my recollection but I will confirm later.