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GH2 Banding issue
  • Hi, i made many tests about the GH2 banding issue and i realize that bandings appears in every area underexposed of more than 3 stops. It is not a matter of color profiles: if you use nostalgic banding is more visible 'cause the dark area is more visible but if you choose nostalgic and an area is underexposed of about 2 2/3 stops you won't see any banding. Then the choice of nostalgic color profile still remains the best choice, if you don't mean about the yellowish cast, because it seems to give the best dr.
    The banding issue is very annoying because is quite impossible to shoot a high contrasty scene, do you know any way solve it?
    Vitaliy do you think that is possible to fix it with the hack?
    For my experience this is the most annoying problem of the GH2
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  • and banding very annoying with fast lens and small DOF, at blurred background(
  • If its the same banding I am thinking of, try shooting 1/25th. On mine the banding disappears completely when I shoot that shutter speed. If its gradient banding i.e. blue skies etc. Not sure how to deal with that.
  • It's not gradient banding, is low light banding. Is not good that i've to choose 1/25 to eliminate it, i'll make some test to see if it works, but it would be interesting to analyse it in a deeper way
  • This has been posted alot on this forum

    I went through a long process with Panasonic Support and they concluded this is how the camera is and its not faulty.
  • I never noticed these topics, thank you so much! It seems that is impossible to solve the problem, my hopes go to the hack
  • As far as I understand, GH2 sensor also have some issues. And hack can't solve you hardware problems.