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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • There's two embed codes using Vimeo, a new one and an old one. The new one doesn't work well with iOS devices. Many videos embedded on this site don't work either.
  • On the site, for some reason theVimeo videos don't play on the iPod - the play button changes into the "loading" circle, then turns back into the play button. I know I can watch on a normal pc - but don't know if the Vimeo issue can be solved on your site?

    EDIT Searched directly on Vimeo. V cool videos - enjoyed the explanations of theory in AE
  • Thanks, Vitaliy. Already putting one together.
  • @shian

    I have one advice.
    Make small, short and really stunning demo of features and interface.
    About 3-5 minutes total, tops 10.
  • @dizzbit The primers (the last 2 videos in the opening post) are the walkthrough.
  • waiting for a demo walkthrough, if its appealing 25 bucks is a steal.
  • very exciting. can't wait!
  • I watched through these - looks pretty good. I'm interested in seeing if anyone who has more experience with Resolve can compare them when ColorGHear comes out.
  • Sign me up too! Looks like a killer app!
  • @FGCU

    Oh man! :) Take a look on shian´s first post ... "It will retail for $50 (But from it's release until Feb 15th, you can get it for $25.)"

    Merry christmas! ;)
  • Sweet, im learning AE so I can use this. Thanks man!
  • Definitely will be purchasing. Can't wait.
  • Oh gosh! This will kick ass in my first bigger project next year! So looking forward to tutorials ..!
  • Looking forward to it...thx.
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