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23mm F1.7 Hyperprime
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    It is NEX lens prototype.
    Interesting if they'll release it also for m43.

    I let you know soon.
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  • Looks very interesting, although 23mm seems like a weird focal length.
  • If anyone want such sub $400 lens leave here note, please.
    They are thinking about making m43 version.
  • 23mm f1.7 sounds like a great lens. It must be able to cover APS-C if it works on the Nex for less than $400 could be a good deal depending on performance
  • *a note of interest*
  • If it is as good as the 20mm F/1.7 with good focus/aperture ring and metal construction, hell yeah!
  • +1 for an m43 version
  • just out of curiosity, what makes this any more interesting than the 20mm pancake?
  • if the manual focus = longer focus throws,tht alone makes me wanna get it for video.

    don't really like wired focus types of panasonic lenses. hopefully its cheaper too.
  • I'm in. Please keep me posted.
  • I don't see much necessity of this focal lenght, except more competition.
    It is interesting on nex because it becomes a 35mm, one of the focals that m43 needs.
    Then, if they'd make a 17,5 m43 version, it'd be great.
  • i want it (if it's good that is)!
  • 23mm is an odd length, but then again who cares when the crop is x2. Just picked up a Navitar 75mm f1.3 This lens has been rebadged, so not sure who the original maker, but it's not a bad lens at all. I have tried the Noktor 50mm, and I daresay the Navitar is very much in the same vein. Paid a fraction of what a mint Noktor would cost, and am satisfied.
  • This could be interesting. Still looking for a good ±50mm equivalent for my set, preferably under the price of the 900 Euro the .95 Voigtländer. Good build and long focus throw to match the FD's.
  • @TraumManufaktur
    I have the 0.95, quite different from the FDs, unless you are talking about Canon 55mm 1.2 (chromenose), which would cost you an arm and a leg.

    I used to own quite a number of FDs, till i swapped them for Zeiss. Have never looked back. The 0.95 is quite different from the FDs, in terms of bokeh and colour rendition. The 0.95 would be closer in character to Zeiss or even Pentax lenses.
  • Dare I say it...interesting lens. ;-)
    Be nice for the Nex system to have this currently im using FD24mm f2.8, Voigt28mm f2 and 35mm f1.4 and a nikon 35mm f1.8G so a decent fast 23mm (24/25mm) lens is highly welcomed...especially if it has character and is in smaller form (although still waiting on Samyangs 24mm to be released even though its huge!)
    I emailed them to request a test copy (at a lower price) as soon as I knew it was offered. no response though. ;-(
  • @Elenion The Panasonic Leica DG Summilux does have the never-ending throw, and no manual f-stops. It's 560 euros here.

    The old Leica D 4/3 version is very rare, I tried to bid on one on ebay.

    The missing fast & cheap standard lens is a drawback of the m4/3 system in my view. This one, south of $400 and 1,7, with manual controls could fill that gap.

    @kazuo Nice to know. I've used up most of my lens budget for now, Zeiss glass will have to wait until jobs pay off.

    @mimirsan How do you like the FD 24/2.8, do you use it on the GH2 as well? May be a stop gap, I'm wanting to test it out.
  • They are seriously considering making this lens in m43 version.

    Just not sure that will have anough buyers, I think.

    So, keep informing them if you are interested.
    One of the advantages of the lens is that it is made for larger sensor, so vignetting on large apertures will be evry small.

  • @TraumManufaktur
    I like the FD24mm f2.8 a lot. Its super sharp even at 2.8 but quite a flat not for deep bokah lovers.
  • @vitaliy_kiselev
    I will buy one. I was about to say on the 35mm samyang topic that i would prefer a slower 25mm to a faster 50mm, as there are already tons. This is a gap that needs to be filled as I, and many other younger self-supported mft users can't afford the voightlander, but I would get a job to buy the SLR magic, especially after being very impressed by the 12mm f1.7. I know at least one other person who will buy upon or after the GH3s release depending on whether or not this lens is in production. I would love and cherish it.
  • I would have said that I was interested if I didn’t have the 25mm F1.4 already. The SLR magic simply will not be able to compete with the Leica. It truly is a fantastic lens.

    I hope that SLR magic does well. I like their stuff. However, I just wish they would have chosen a different focal length. There already are too many good fast options near 25mm. What I want is a good 85mm, 105mm, or perhaps 135mm manual focus F1.8 or F2.0 lens with macro capabilities.

    It is unlikely that Panny or Oly will ever make that lens so I would definitely like to see them make that.
  • +1 for an m43 version
  • @mpgxsvcd
    Which 25mm do you have? The new Panasonic Leica one or the old model? How do you like it for video?
  • I'm good. Could you pass on to them the need for a 4/3 anamorphic lens :)