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Future GHx with PDAF predictions for spring 2023
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  • There is a USD400 "cupon" at Amazon now which lowers the price for the GH6 to USD1300...

    2200 (MSRP) - 500 (discount) - 400 (cupon) = 1300.

    This is basically after 12 months.

    No GH has dropped so fast in price... And still no word on a PDAF replacement.

  • As per rumours since march the first Lumix G with PDAF will be the G9 mk II.

    Expect announcement before or on August 31, the IFA Berlin press day.

  • AJMD: somebody told me the following:
    * Merger of the G9+G90 lines with PDAF. Slimmed down (<600g), but not G90 prices. They consider the weight important to differenciate it from their full frame models.
    * Real time LUTs (photo)
    * 0.8-0.83X EVF, the resolution is not less than 3.68M while focusing or with high refresh rates. EVF sensor at the top.
    * 1.62M+ dots Flip screen (w smaller bezels ).
    * HHHR
    * 4K/60p (10 bit internal recording). No video crop. Good Rolling shutter.
    * Live Composite, Focus stacking
    * 3 line panorama with assist tools (useful for Panorama Bokeh)
    * USB C charging. No included battery charger.
    * 8 way joystick
    * HLG Photo.
    * Auto subject type detection
    * Updated menu structure
    * When using crop modes (16:9, 3:2, 1:1), option to have the cropped area greyed out but still visible or with frame lines."

  • Wouldn't it all be nice in more of an updated and streamlined Af100 body with built in XLRs and NDs? I guess they must protect the product line upstream...

  • @firstbase You got the DC-BGH1 box cam.

  • Scandinvian dealer "Scandinavian Photo" which sells in Sweden, Norway and Denmark has a clearance sale on the G9.

    It should be noted that Panasonic has outsourced the distribution of Lumix stuff to a local nordic company, so this local firesale only means that the Scandinavian distributor needs to get the volume down before the G9M2 announcement.

  • New rumours, maybe the GH7 after all.

    In any case I will be in Berlin on September 1 for the IFA opening day.

  • Well, I'm off to Berlin today for IFA.

    I must say that if Panasonic is going to announce anything Lumix related (G9M2, GH7, S1H M2, whatever), the rumour front is absolutely dead...

    Also, Panasonic doesn't have a press conference at IFA at all, but that seems to be the trend for others as well.

  • There was nothing new at IFA. Panasonic had a smaller booth which was just for press and retailers. Full Lumix range was on display, but there was no announcement. Not surprising given the missing rumours before the show.

  • IFA 2023

    Panasonic had a very low key presence at IFA 2023 in Berlin. The exhibition was only open for media and retail. As is now know there was no news about new cameras or lenses. Both the Lumix G and Lumix S range was displayed. There was extra focus on the S5M2(x) after the "award with no name".

    Perhaps the biggest surprise was delivered at the Media Markt retailer at Alexanderplatz: Both Media Mark and Saturn in Germany will stop carrying stuff from Panasonic after a fall out earlier this year.




  • Finally.


    A new phase.

    Just before IBC2023.

  • Here is a link to the teaser on Instagram:

    Graphics show "G" and m43 mount so it's the first Lumix G with PDAF.

    Considering it's launced the same week as IBC2023 I would say it's more likely a "GH7" than a "G9M2".

    On the other hand there is a lot of shutter sounds in that September 12 teaser...

  • UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that Panasonic is NOT exhibiting at IBC2023. At least not with an official location.

    Given the photocentric style of the teaser it looks like its a "G9M2".

    Some claims have been given that more Lumix cameras might be released this year.

  • Q4 2023 - GH7
    Q1 2024 - GH7S

  • 43 rumours informs that a new Panasonic camera was listed in China for RF compliance at the end of september.

    This could tie in with the current rumour about the GH7 setting sails for a mid november announcement as listed in the post from september 16.

    I think it's only two possibilities if we ignore the rumour about the GH7 and just assume a new higher end model is a few weeks away: Its either the GH7 or a S1H replacement. And GH7 is in a more urgent need of a replacement IMO given the state of the market. It looks like the GH6 has sold really bad and was given only a single production run at the factory. The sensor is also a weak part in a feature rich camera body.

    And I have read three GH7 rumours during the last six months and nothing on the "S1H replacement".

  • Panasonic now has registered two unknown cameras in the Chinese RF compliance database.



    The naming convention seems to be "P"anasonic 20"23" and followed by a simple serial number. Thus it suggest that a "P2302A" also have been developed.

    No further details is know, however official product announcements should follow in a matter of weeks.

  • Adorama: GH6 is listed for $1300 now. So, $930 off the MSRP. 42 per cent off.

  • The worst prediction thread in 2023. Or whisfull thinking about a GH with PDAF. ;-)

    Anyways, some rumours about CES 2024.

    Panasonic press conference on january 8.

    Quite possbily we will see a Lumic camera announcement at CES (or mid january in worst case).

    Seems to be a 50/50 split on Lumix G (GH7) or Lumix S (some sort of S1xxx mark II).

    Personally I think it's most likely a 60/40 per cent chance that we might see the GH7.

    Reason: continued rumours about a GH7 for the last 6 months, also new model is rumoured to be 6K only, etc.