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DJI Osmo Pocket 3
  • The new DJI Osmo Pocket 3 looks very nice. Official announcement on wedensday, October 25.

    1 inch sensor for better low light, and finally a screen size where you can see what you shoot.

    Looks like a solid winner to me.





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  • Pricing suggested in USD:

    Pocket 3; $531
    Pocket 3 creator: $676

    These numbers looks like some sort of currency calculations, let's hope for something more like 499 and $599/549? Anyways, here in Europe with basically 20++ per cent VAT on top this will be quite more expensive than the Pocket 2, but might be worth it for some serious image quality and usability improvements. The Pocket 2 is simply to small for comfort.

    Also rumours about a new DJI MIC 2.

  • Some specs:

    Quick charge with 80 per cent in 16 mins with 65 watt charger. 32 mins to 100 per cent.

    CMOS 1 inch sensor 4K res with 20 mm lens ("35mm" eqv), f2.0. Wide angle diopter with 0,75 factor makes it a 15 mm ("35mm" eqv) lens.

  • Interesting.

    Note that quick charge battery is not only good thing, but also its life is much shorter.

  • I ordered one. The image quality looks like a big leap forward for the overall size

  • @plasmasmp

    Make sure to post some samples, or may be even review? :-)

  • @plasmasmp

    I order one as well, but it seems to be in short supply.

  • LOL. For some reason Marcus Pix deleted his two "funny" videos on the Pocket 3. He has a new video out on the Pocket 3, which seems to allude that he has some sort of working relationship with the manufacturer DJI. In any case here is the new "review".

  • Feel free to turn on adblock to stop the blast of ads on this. Im still waiting on NDs to truly give an opinion. You certainly need a v30 card or it will give you a nag screen on every time you push record. Even if a v10 card is fast enough, you'll still get an unmutable warning.

  • DJI Mic2 is BT Audio compliant

    Just to be noted here that the new Mic2 supplied with the "creative package" is also blue tooth audio compliant and connected to my Samsung S22 Ultra with no problems, but somehow it's not connecting to the GoPro Hero12 correctly. Hopefully there will be some firmware update once the Mic2 system is officially released.

    As of now you can not get the extra separate Mic2 transmitter to connect to the Pocket 3 either for use in a dual transmitter setup. However there was a leak of the accessory before the Pocket 3 was released.


    2560 x 1440 - 259K
  • I'm actually really interested in buying this camera for an upcoming project next spring. It looks perfect for what I need! I've tried a DLSR, gimbal setup but it's too heavy, fiddly and not practical for my needs.

    The specs look good & I've read the official blurb on DJI's site but I'm waiting for feedback from actual users who've paid for this camera with their own money. That usually takes a few months before those types of reviews start to appear.

    I have zero interest in watching or reading any reviews from Shills who've been given free cameras by DJI. I can watch DJI official promos for that type of 'review'.

  • @deanuk

    There are now literally thousands of videos out from actual buyers and not ambassadors.

    Negatives: gimbal (if you don't need one), auto exposure tends to go a bit high and fluctuate a lot. Some claim its a DJI "trademark" issue. Alas most serious reviews just recommend turning EV a bit down.

  • @EspenB

    Maybe I should clarify what I'm looking for. Because the type of review that would be useful won't exist for a newly released camera. I.e:

    • Someone who has paid for the camera with their own money & shoots regularly or for a living.

    • The camera has been used for 4-6 months to film multiple shoots.

    • Provides specific real-world, user feedback:

    E.g. low light performance, stabilisation issues, issues editing/grading the footage, actual battery life/performance (not the manufacturer rating), useful/not useful features, and deal-breakers found (if any), after using the camera for a few months etc...

    The reviews out at the moment fall into one of 2 categories;

    a. Paid/influencer reviews. I.e the 'reviewer' is given a free camera or paid in kind with early access to a loaned camera. YouTube's algorithm saturates search results with this type of review.


    b. Amateur test footage. E.g. unboxing videos, someone talking about the camera while holding it without showing any actual footage they've shot, walking around local neighbourhood selfy-style blog, test footage of someone's garden, dog, kids, local park etc.

    Both A & B reviews are of no use to me.

    Professional & influencer reviews are just adverts for the product disguised as impartial critiques. For this, I can just go to the manufacturer's site to read the specs & features then go to their official YouTube channel for demo footage.

    And the early-adopter amateur reviews are a waste of time... they're mostly wannabe content creators trying to build their view count & subscribers.

  • @DeanUK

    It is pure economics. I can tell you, as PV made lot of reviews with measurements and other hard to do stuff.

    Influencer reviews will get 90-95% of traffic - as it is larger channels and they are first to market, they also have money and equipment usually to make very good looking reviews.

    Unboxing videos also get their share and easy and fast to make.

    Reviews that you like require ton of work, get small number of views (if it is not some famous guy or channel), and even for top guys they are always can be some exception due to time costs imvolved.

  • @DeanUK

    Nah, theres a lot of serious reviews out IMO.

    But who cares, it's 10x times better than my Pocket 2. I really don't care about reviews.

    The only issue I have is the missing 2nd mic transmitter. :-p

  • REF: DJI Mic2 is BT Audio compliant

    Today DJI issued a firmware update for the Mic2 transmitter, however it still will not connect to the BT of my GoPro Hero12. Very strange.

  • @EspenB

    Bluetooth compliance is very bad for any wireless mike.

    Mostly because hopping and interference avoidance is quite bad.

  • @EspenB

    But who cares, it's 10x times better than my Pocket 2.

    Why you think it is 10x times better?

    For outside day shooting difference must be pretty small.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    For me the screen size is really not usuable on the Pocket2.

    Also you can connect two mics without any additional hardware as soon as DJI gets the stand alone transmitter out.

    As for the rest there is massive improvements. I think this basically sums it ups.

  • @EspenB

    My main complain is that such thing must be modular and must not have screen at all. At least in standard package. For operator it is best to detach it and place the screen near the eye.