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COVID: Another info about upcoming deadly COVID
  • The United States has created a variant of the coronavirus that kills 80 percent of laboratory animals. Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the RF Armed Forces, spoke about this during a briefing, RIA Novosti quotes him.

    According to the head of the RCBZ troops, an artificial coronavirus pathogen was created within the walls of Boston University in October 2022 based on the omicron strain and the “Wuhan” variant that initially provoked the pandemic. Kirillov also noted that when interacting with a new pathogen, the protective properties of antibodies are reduced by 11 times, and existing vaccines against it are ineffective.

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  • Gee, what a great idea. Via more gain of function research, let's make (and ultimately release) a more deadly pathogen. What the hell??

  • @firstbase

    It was clear that all initial COVID waves had been tests of the host. Ideal host. Almost unstoppable host.

    The main strike will combine new load and also new S protein that will go around any existing vaccines.

    1. They made inititial (so called wuhan) strain based on limited man made knowledge.
    2. Let nature perfectly optimize it to omicron.
    3. Make further some limited fixes based on omicron and try get it letal again.

    Hm gifts against humanity?

  • What I found amazing is the capacity of humans to accept defeat and not even question morality anymore.

    They are literally killing us and people keep on deny it every time.

  • So we have "vaccines" that are neither safe nor effective and yet a continued push to inoculate the entire globe with annual, experimental, spike protein-creating, gene altering mRNA and other nano materials to make mankind entirely dependent on their position of perpetual "health by injectable." The transfer of wealth is only one of the nefarious objectives.

  • Yesterday was the premiere of a documentary with very very hard evidence from a lot mortuary's making autopsies and finding massive white fibrous clots inside the arteries of all patients that have sudden death and have been vaccinated. Those clots were massive massive.

    Also an increase of Death of 10% for insurance company's is like hell on earth, but since COVID shit has increased like 40%, they said no one has ever even try to calculate those maths because was Thought of simply imposible to happen.

    Decrease in birth rate on Australia of 70%.

    Hard evidence very little is being done or talked about. "Documentary name. “Died Suddenly" Look it up in telegram or rumble

    What I fear is if this next variant have another kind of code implanted in the virus ARN. Making it really nefarious and the mandatory vaccine for this will be the final shot to the head for I guess 30% of world population.

    Next 3 years will be real bad.

    Nukes, weather, viruses, constrain, economic reset. No more rights.

    For those who make it past 2030 I feel the world outside on the streets will fill like those days where there is a Holliday and there is no traffic street is quiet, not so many people outiside, just without your rights and really stressed out so…