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Covid Children Vaccines becoming mandatory
  • Muriel Bowser, the mayor of the District of Columbia, said children who do not receive a vaccine passport within the first 20 days of schools reopening on Monday next week will not be allowed to learn, even those doing virtual learning from home.

    A press release on the D.C. Public Schools website states: “The Coronavirus Immunization of Schoolchildren and Early Childhood Workers Act of 2021, enacted by the Board in 2021, requires students 12 years of age and older to be vaccinated against COVID- 19 to attend school.”

    The vaccination mandate extends to staff as well as to private schools.

    Asked by The Daily Signal about what is planned to be done with unvaccinated students, Bowser said: “They can go to school on Monday. But they must be vaccinated... and their families will be warned about the timing."

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  • All the more reason to leave those districts that are requiring these unsafe and ineffective inoculations.