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COVID: New round coming, be prepared!
  • The World Health Organization held a regular meeting of the International Health Regulations emergency committee in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Committee expressed concern about the sharp decline in testing people for covid in many countries, which leads to a decrease in the coverage and quality of surveillance. Together with the conclusion of the committee, WHO published the recommendations of the director general of the organization. He calls for the use of all measures that have previously been developed to reduce the spread of the virus. For example, wearing well-fitting masks, social distancing, isolating while sick, washing hands frequently, avoiding closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places.

    The WHO also recommends that countries prepare to rapidly scale up health and social measures in response to changes in the virus and population immunity, as COVID-19 can still overwhelm public health capacity and result in deaths. In addition, the large number of coronavirus patients is jeopardizing the ability of healthcare systems to treat other acute and chronic conditions.

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  • Scamdemic, The Sequel.


    Plandemic II, The Wrath of Fauci.

  • Society is at its breaking point due to the mismanagement of the COVID pandemic (Government: I'm talking to you!).

    If another potent COVID variant emerges without effective COVID intervention protocols (Big Pharma: I'm talking to you!) I am afraid their will be no good choices as to how to weather the COVID storm economically and socially.

    This time around the government is going to have to take science into consideration. Vaccines don't prevent COVID contraction, lockdowns don't prevent the mass majority of COVID deaths... it's gonna be a tough sell to convince people that the government has credibility regarding COVID lock down mandates, if and when they try that again.

    Botton Line: Teacher's Unions please lobby Big Pharma for effective COVID intervention protocols so your students can lead society's future economic recovery with the skills they acquire face to face in your classrooms. Who knows, maybe when our kids stay in school, parents can continue to work and our economy won't be as crushed by the inflation caused by trying to spend our way out of the impacts of COVID.

  • @majoraxis

    I think all is going according to plan.

    Last COVID strain showed that they now have perfect carrier. No one can hide and will be infected in 2-3 months.

    New strains will just add different new complications, how severed will depend on economic issues. Such way they have tool to keep people scared and at home, even in case of total management disaster.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Absolutely. They have been working on this for years. One of the chief architects, Peter Daszak, stated in 2015 that they needed medical countermeasures (vaccine) against a manipulated coronavirus and that profit would be at the end of the process.

    There is also some evidence that suggests the COVID inoculations damage our natural immune systems and actually assist in the creation and emergence of the variants, which if true, perpetuates the necessity of never-ending boosters. The money-making merry-go-round never stops.

    Adverse reactions and deaths will increase and will be blamed on the virus when the vax is the real culprit.

    It's just the perfect scenario for more fear and dominant government control measures to be enacted.

  • @Lincoln11

    Sheesh! They seem to have the narrative all prepared. Blame new variants while steering attention away from the caustic vax. Unreal!

  • The Forbes article includes non-vacc'd individuals. Same reinfection sequelae with or without vax.

  • But even more important, this "study" is only analyzing VAERS data which is suspect at best. It's estimated that only 1% of people contribute data and the majority are in the Healthcare industry.

  • Some details

    "Centaur" against "ninja". What is known about these strains?

    In parallel, we now have two interesting viral variants. One was called "ninja", the second - "centaur". What is called "ninja" is an omicron of 4/5 variants. In February, there was a surge of 1/2 omicron variants that came from South Africa, then there was variant 3 omicron, it was registered, but it died extremely suddenly and irrevocably, so we don’t have a “troika”. And then, again in South Africa, another option began. It is based on the same chassis as the omicron, but its evolution went in a completely different way, it does not look like an omicron 1/2, but still remains an omicron and is called "omicron 4/5".

    In the US, the fifth line of the virus, the same “ninja”, is now strongly rising. It was called that because it is even more than omicron 1/2, it evades the immune response, better evades antibodies. In addition, according to the latest data, it is also able to evade the action of the innate immune response, it can sneak into the body so that the immune system simply does not notice it, but reacts only when there is already too much virus in the body. Consequently, a delayed hyperresponse and cytokine storm can occur.

    “Centaur”, according to the biologist, is another offshoot of the very omicron that caused big problems in America in December-January, in Russia its peak was in January-February.

    "Centaur" is also called the VA 2.75 variant (two and three quarters). His chassis is an omicron, but there is one of the mutations found in the delta type and which determines the strongest reaction of the body, the ability to infect the lungs, and so on,” explains Ancha Baranova. - Actually, that's why the "centaur", since there are features of two strains distant from each other. On the one hand - omicron, on the other - delta. Mutation of a virus is a random but canalized process, the virus is selected in the direction of greater adaptability, so different lines of the virus can acquire, independently of each other, the same mutations that help it reproduce better.

    The new wave will certainly be more severe, there will be more hospitalized per specific number of cases. If in winter every 20th person was admitted to the hospital, now it can be every 17th and 18th. In the United States, for example, there is already an increase in the number of hospitalizations and deaths from coronavirus.

  • The BS continues. Follow the patent trail and learn of the extent of the criminal conspiracy. Pfizer filed to patent a spike protein vaccine as far back as the year 2000. CDC patented SARS and SARS COV2 too. It's about power, control and the flow of resources and monies into nefarious people's pockets.

  • Yep. It's clearly a patented bioweapon the creation of which has broken laws and treaties. Fauci, Daszak, Baric and others should be held to account.


  • @endotoxic

    Yes, he sounds like he was, and possibly still is, a bad actor with a checkered history. That said, the information he presents may not be faulty.