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Coronavirus: Vaccines efficiency
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  • the vaccine isn't working as anticipated so the CDC is editing the definition of a "vaccine" with some lovely 1984 spin-speak.

    old Vaccine– “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease.”

    new: Vaccine– “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

    old link new updated link

  • President Biden on Thursday signed an executive order mandating that all federal employees and contractors get vaccinated against COVID-19, with no exceptions for those who agree to regular testing for the virus, according to a source familiar with the plans.

    The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is developing a rule that will require all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require any workers who remain unvaccinated to produce a negative test result on at least a weekly basis before coming to work. OSHA will issue an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to implement this requirement. This requirement will impact over 80 million workers in private sector businesses with 100+ employees.

    Very soon it will be required for all and everyone. Such way you can fully explain far on invermecin and any other method.

  • I seriously doubt it takes more than 2 years for everyone worldwide to get infected(since its 40x more contagious than the flue). At this point, If there's 'new' cases, it has to be re-infection or mutations.

    I just don't understand what a 3rd booster shot is going to do that the 2nd shot doesn't. I know the immune response goes down after a while, but it can't possibly be healthy to trigger 900% antibodies every 6 months.

  • @hardimpact

    This guys have detailed plan, we are at the beginning, but for next stage they need almost 100% vaccine coverage, as otherwise someone can see some bad things.

    My own understanding is that you can only get so far with virus alone, but with added vaccine and ADE it can be very different.

    Stage 1. It was fully unique virus that had been very contagious without cough, also had been able to attach to both ACE and brain related receptors. But it was seasons dependent and specially limited.

    Stage 2. New variation of virus that is around 10x contagious, now with mild cough. Seasons dependence is almost gone fully, and it is unique.

    Note that quality of "mutations" is millions times better compared to flu, even first stage virus had thousands of mutations that all had been almost perfect variant for humans. The only previous cases of such things had been lab induced mutations where they run tens of thousands of good variants via animals to get perfect ones.

    Also note how careful mainstream media covered situation with flu. As it suddenly had been totally gone even for countries where mask usage had been very small.

  • My quarter says there is an ulterior motive behind these so-called "vaccines" because they are being pushed too hard. Historically our government, while playing lip service to having interest in public health, never mandated anything and just let coronaviruses run their natural course year after year.

    Now we have a likely bioengineered virus (thanks in part to Fauci redirecting public funds to Wuhan) that 99.5% of those infected recover from naturally that suddenly warrants globally-mandated use of a gene therapeutic inoculation laced with graphene oxide that has likely killed thousands if not tens of thousands while many more suffer from a variety of serious adverse effects.

    Stop and think about this. There is a powerful global cabal singing in unison from the same hymnal. Inoculate or else! And not just once or twice. Three times, four times, possibly every year that you manage to live with these likely toxic, ADE inducing protocols.

    No, there's something else afoot with these jabs, and Bill Gates has been conspicuously silent of late, hasn't he?

  • I know I sound exaggerated sometimes but it’s amazes me how my thoughts of control power and genocide are all becoming facts

    I know that in future I will have no other choice than get vaccinated, due to severe mutations made with more than 3 years of experience making them in field. But I have to endure more.

    There must be another way, it’s not possible to have no other choices is cos we are thinking inside the box like cattle feeling oppressed.

    There must be another ways. Like ivermectin and hudroxyclorequine, and chlorine oxide.

    A fortunately I have the junk file and high Andes mountain to escape lol.

  • It's pretty bad now. according to the Qatar study, after 24 weeks, the pfizer vaccine's effectiveness drops to zero. Which means that the virus will always have @ 6 month window to keep mutating or reinfecting people who don't have a natural immunity, what a joke! If I was a conspiracy nut, one could almost reason that they are pushing the vaccine so hard because it suppresses the natural immunity response and gives the virus time to mutate and survive indefinitely.

  • @hardimpact

    Thanks for the link

    This study investigated persistence of BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) vaccine effectiveness against infection and disease in Qatar, where the Beta and Delta variants have dominated incidence and PCR testing is done at a mass scale.

    Estimated BNT162b2 effectiveness against any infection, asymptomatic or symptomatic, was negligible for the first two weeks after the first dose, increased to 36.5% (95% CI: 33.1-39.8) in the third week after the first dose, and reached its peak at 72.1% (95% CI: 70.9- 73.2) in the first five weeks after the second dose. Effectiveness declined gradually thereafter, with the decline accelerating ≥15 weeks after the second dose, reaching diminished levels of protection by the 20th week. Effectiveness against symptomatic infection was higher than against asymptomatic infection, but still waned in the same fashion. Effectiveness against any severe, critical, or fatal disease increased rapidly to 67.7% (95% CI: 59.1-74.7) by the third week after the first dose, and reached 95.4% (95% CI: 93.4-96.9) in the first five weeks after the second dose, where it persisted at about this level for six months.

    BNT162b2-induced protection against infection appears to wane rapidly after its peak right after the second dose, but it persists at a robust level against hospitalization and death for at least six months following the second dose.

  • The scientific journal "The Lancet" published a devastating article about the enormous risks of using booster injections.

    An international group of scientists published in the scientific publication "The Lancet" a critical article on the dangers of booster vaccines - experts have found that these drugs can potentially lead to such a serious pathology as inflammation of the heart. The devastating article was written by former FDA director of research and vaccine review Marion Gruber and her former deputy Phil Krause.

    In the publication "The Lancet", scientists discovered that the structure of the immune system allows it to constantly develop defense mechanisms - therefore, the third dose of the vaccine (booster) has no basis for use, and, on the contrary, can lead to serious complications.

    “The introduction of boosters ahead of the 4th wave of COVID-19 is not only inappropriate, but also potentially dangerous. Such injections are fraught with the appearance of myocarditis - inflammation of the heart: especially often, such pathologies appear after the introduction of the second component of the mRNA vaccine ”.

  • Covid vaccines leading to nervous system inflammatory response:

  • 8-months pregnant, gets vaccine, baby born with neurological problems:

  • Last week I told about this pregnant woman getting the shot. It amazes me how herds of people have no common sense. Getting vaccinated at this rate by a beta shot being pregnant is like playing the Russian roulette with no hesitation.

  • Slightly off topic yes, but Just a friendly reminder that Covid/Vaccine related deaths are still a mere blip on the radar compared to stress, cancer, (car) accidents and air pollution. So far, the stress and paranoia from worrying about the vaccine is contributing far more to our death than the virus or the vaccine ever will. The same goes for getting into a car and driving to get (or not get) vaccinated. Also, if anyone is over the age of 50 or will live to be over 50, then it is almost entirely due to modern medical and sanitary developments since 1900. Now this is just a wild guess but probably none of you or anyone you know will die from Smallpox, Rabies, Typhoid, Cholera, Tuberculosis, Pertussis, Diphtheria toxoid, Yellow fever, Influenza, Tetanus toxoid, Rickettsia, Polio, Anthrax secreted proteins, Measles, Meningococcus polysaccharide, Mumps or Rubella. There are reasons for this which you can probably figure out. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't have a healthy skepticism towards Covid-19 and the vaccination process. We should. It is a novel situation that can and will go any which way. But for me the whole reactionary pro-anti-vaxx "debate" feels like gambling on lottery tickets with money we don't have. Regardless, I appreciate Vitaliy keeping this space available for discussion.

  • @MirrorMan

    You make salient points. I had a similar discussion with the friend of mine who is involved in the medical industry. My take is that while I am highly skeptical of the vaccines safety and efficacy, I think we are still largely in discovery mode here. The jury is still out and will be for some time.

    I did read an interesting post from a CEO who was involved in a CEO roundtable. The government is pressuring the private sector CEOs to get everyone vaccinated for one simple reason: to remove the control group of unvaccinated people so that the adverse reaction and death statistics from the vaccines are rendered virtually meaningless.

    We live in interesting times, as suggests the old Chinese curse.

  • Germany vaccine efficiency during last 4 weeks:

    • Protection from hospitalization 95-96% depending on age
    • Resuscitation protection 96-97%
    • Death protection 93% for those over 60, 99% for the rest.
  • COVID mutations are happening 5 times faster compared to flu

    This is a fast pace of adaptive evolution and it's rare to observe such a strong signal. HA1 in influenza H3N2 as the canonical example of an adaptively evolving viral protein shows dN/dS of ~0.4, or about 5 times lower than what's currently being observed in SARS-CoV-2. 7/12

    Despite the appearance of variant SARS-CoV-2 viruses with altered receptorbinding or antigenic phenotypes, traditional methods for detecting adaptive evolution from sequence data do not pick up strong signals of positive selection. Here, we present a new method for identifying adaptive evolution on short evolutionary time scales with densely-sampled populations. We apply this method to SARS-CoV-2 to perform a comprehensive analysis of adaptively-evolving regions of the genome. We find that spike S1 is a focal point of adaptive evolution, but also identify positively-selected mutations in other genes that are sculpting the evolutionary trajectory of SARS-CoV-2. Protein-coding mutations in S1 are temporally-clustered and, in 2021, the ratio of nonsynonymous to synonymous divergence in S1 is more than 4 times greater than in the equivalent influenza HA1 subunit.

  • Worldwide researchers and physicians call for a halt to the vaccination process. These inoculations are apparently contaminated with all sorts of bizarre materials, metals, graphene oxide and even parasites.

  • Malaysia, vaccines efficiency

    • 83% effectively prevent entering the ICU (Department of Int. Therapy)
    • 88% effective in preventing death
    • 88% effectively reduces the risk of infection
    • 86% effectively reduces the risk of symptomatic infections

    The study was conducted by the real-world Covid-19 Vaccine Evaluation Unit led by PICK (RECoVaM) led by the Clinical Research Institute (ICR-NIH) of the Ministry of Health.

    The study was conducted from April 1 to September 12 with the participation of 14,500,984 fully vaccinated individuals.

    Of the more than 14.5 million people who completed vaccinations:

    • 953 or 0.0066% were admitted to the intensive care unit.
    • 1445 or 0.010% mortality
  • @firstbase did you even read the CNS study? It's for patients with multiple sclerosis.

  • I have no words here

    I prayed to God a lot at this time, and you know that - God answered our prayers. He got the smartest men and women, scientists, doctors, researchers - he got them to come up with a vaccine. This is from God to us, and we have to say thank you, God. Thanks. And I wear my "vaccinated" necklace all the time to say that I am vaccinated. All of you, yes, I know that you are vaccinated, you are the smartest, but you know that there are people who do not listen to God and what God wants. You know who they are. I need you to be my apostles.

  • On antibodies

    Scientists at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare studied the presence of antibodies in 1,292 subjects eight months after infection. They found that 96 percent of the subjects still carried neutralizing antibodies and 66 percent still carried a type of antibody called nucleoprotein IgG.

    The scientists then investigated antibody levels one year after infection by randomly selecting 367 subjects from the original cohort who hadn’t yet been vaccinated. Eighty-nine percent of the subjects still carried neutralizing antibodies, and 36 percent still carried the IgG antibody.

    Despite lasting protection against the original strain of the COVID virus, the study found that the neutralization efficiency against the Alpha, Beta, and Delta variants waned over time. The reduction in efficiency was “considerably declined” for the Beta variant and was “only slightly reduced” against the Alpha variant. For the Delta variant, which is the dominant strain in the United States, the study found that 80 percent of the subjects still had immune protection 12 months after infection.

  • massive coverup for natural immunity. whistleblowers directly from pfizer scientists. hidden cameras and microphones.

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