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Panasonic GH5 II, new prosumer m43 camera
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    • 20.33 million effective pixels
    • 4K60p video
    • 3.68 million dots 120fps compatible EVF
    • DMW-BLK22 battery
    • 138.5x 98.1×87.4mm
    • 647g (main unit only)
    • US price $ 1697 ($ 2297 for the 12-60mm kit).


    Will be minor upgrade to the GH5 that will use existing L mount cameras LSI or even old GH5 LSI.




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  • I said it in my previous post on gh6 this: ..............................................................

    Is this it?

    Those specs look like GH5.

    No 240fps in 1080p no 120fps 4K this is the same lsi from gh5. Maybe better lithography for more hertz, but nothing new new. 6k photo my ass, we need more DR, better bitrate. 12 bit raw output, wifi output monitoring to multiple cameras , nfc with qr code for proper management of settings as sigma fpL, basically this is a gh5 2.0 with no real improvements.

    Well they are killing the line, no surprise here

  • So what is new? NOTHING.... oh yes the name now is GH5 markII

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    728 x 727 - 48K
  • GH5 has ibis, GH5S has dual iso. So the only reason for a GH5 Mark ii is to be a mix between the two models: ibis and dual iso in the same camera.

  • Another difference is the GH5S has a wider sensor.

  • Like the gh2 sensor size.

  • We are committed to further enhancing the G Series lineup and performance of conventional Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras and lenses to meet the continuous demands of creators who value the strong advantage that only MFT can offer.

    Announcement at May 25.

  • The decadence of socciety seen thrue a camera release...

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  • So will GH5 regular model drop in price? Still a great camera. Never be an early adopter is my motto. Be the 4th or 5th.

  • Maybe the new cameras are delayed because they aren't very good.

  • GH5II would be nice with : - Full V-Log , no vlog lite clipping at 80 ire. - Dual iso. - Some AF improvements. It’s also time for the 400Mbps All-I option to enter the S5...

  • @BradMowrey The GH5 have had a significant drop in price over the years, like 35% down here in Norway. It might drop a bit further, depending on stock after the GH5 II is out.

    @DrDave New models is in continued developement. What actually goes into production is determined by a combination of competitors offerings, current tech, marketing department, profit, etc.

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    743 x 528 - 49K
    752 x 459 - 49K
  • @EspenB I don't see anything here that can possibly compare to my Z Cam S6.

  • @DrDave not even me? I thought I was better than your S6. I’m disappointed and sad. I will cry

  • Looks tempting. Why get this (smaller sensor) over a Fuji X-T3 for example (aps-c and 400Mbps all-i)?

  • @endotoxic of course you are better, you are like 24K

  • Dear Panasonic, it's been fun and I will be switching over to Sony Alpha 1 and Z Cam. Let me know when you go back to being on the cutting edge.

  • This is very sad to see..... Now I know how Canon users felt for years

  • In addition to being disgusted with Panasonic (but hopeful that a year or two from now we will see something useful), I really can't stand all these videos that dramatize a one paragraph online leak that could be read in 15 seconds.