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Emergency battery charger replacement for GH2
  • Hey folks.

    I just started to prepare all my gear for a little shoot tomorrow only to discover that I couldn't find my battery charger!!! I've recently been away on holiday so not sure if i lost it there, or if its just hidden away somewhere. Anyways I just wondered if you guys had any experience with different chargers available. Surely unlike batteries, after market chargers shouldn't be too bad?!

    The GH2 is such a rare camera over here that I feel it unlikely that i can find a charger compatible in any of our local camera shops tomorrow (Jacobs and Jessops), as such the best option i've found was this item on amazon

    "PicknBuy Charger for PANASONIC DMW-BLC12 DMW-BLC12E DE-A80A battery compatible Digital Camera PANASONIC DMC-GH2 with Car adapter and UK Power cord"

    I've brought two as they're fairly cheap and as i'm so desperate I've paid on top of my prime delivery to hopefully guarantee delivery on Saturday, which should be in time for me to charge batteries for use on Sunday.

    So, anyone used this brand, or other cheaper chargers.. are they ok? Are there any other DIY improvised charging solutions?

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  • I have a universal lithium-ion charger (search for that phrase at any retailer site) which perfectly charges a dozen different batteries I have, as well as AAs and AAAs. Great thing to have on hand - I've owned it for years, and as soon as I got a GH2, I already had a second charger ready and waiting to go, as a backup, or to charge two batteries simultaneously.
  • Thanks @Strangways, sadly the chargers that i linked to above arrived and didn't work!!!

    Thankfully i managed to find the original charger, so crisis over for now.

    Your universal charger that works, is that one where you can move the positive and negative pins around to fit whatever battery you connect? So you can confirm that the GH2 official batteries can be charged with just 2 contacts? The original Panasonic charger has 4 connectors, i wondered if this was why the one i brought above didn't work.

  • I have a ProTama PT-UC100 which has two pins, negative and positive, which you move around, and it detects the charge level and recharges my genuine DMW-BLC12PP batteries.
  • I have the charger on that picture. at least it looks like it. works normally. cant switch any pins. only 2 pins, and it charges fine.