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Coronavirus: It is China to blame for all and everything
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  • @Vitaliy....the difference in pov is that some people in the world come from places that suing their govt's is impossibly dangerous. I just read an article where some chinese were going to sue their gov, and the gov told the lawyers the consequences. Case closed. In the states, wrongful death suits against the police are won every year costing taxpayers millions. Doesn't help the victim however, but families of the dead keep winning them. Where ever that happens, and the chinese have resources, people will be suing. Lots of properties will be embargoed on behalf of the plaintiffs. You try to look at some big abstract picture. I'm looking at ground level.

  • People in China sue their govt everyday and yes, often the courts rule against the govt. If your information about China comes from the Western media, or Epoch Times, you will know nothing about China. Just feeding your super-villian fantasies! Use google translate.

  •'s all western media lol.... except chinese propaganda...and don't make stupid assumptions about where I get information..... ...and don't assume I'm going to spend the evening googling chinese, but I'm certain chinese citizens never walk away from juried courts with millions of dollars of the govt money. Obviously you've got a pinched nerve. It will get even more interesting when we know for sure the virus is artificial.

  • @kurth

    It is same chance you will with millions as winning lottery (for normal working people). It happens but never count on it. But having police representing always interests of opposing class is never nice.

  • The United States on Friday stunned other members of the UN Security Council by preventing a vote on a resolution for a ceasefire in various conflicts around the world to help troubled nations better fight the coronavirus pandemic, diplomats said.

    Need to demand deep investigation of US stunt and other similar actions, including terrorist activity in Venezuela.

    Or it is also Chinese intelligence moles doing all this in US?

  • @Vitaliy....where have you been for the last 75 years ? The usa always has behaved this well as russia and china. They use the security vote veto to their own advantages. War is good business. Nothing's changed. But how does what happened in venezuela compare to releasing a virus that has killed almost 300,000 so far ? Venezuela is in heaven compared to syria, and syria is doing well compared to yemen. 8 stupid mercenaries died in Venezuela. And truthfully , venezuelan govt is fuxed , and have been since chavez died. If it's such a good example of govt, why are all the leaders kids rich ? And look around the neighborhood. Every country in latin america is bad off. They all have bad govt's...except for mexico, and it's struggling. And what about iran ? No one in the west cares about helping a muslim country.

  • @kurth

    where have you been for the last 75 years ? The usa always has behaved this well as russia and china.

    You just could not resist to add stuff :-)

    US now is main stand of calitalism and around 75% of all its armed forces.

    Hence the destruction of ruling class in US is core thing required to move forward.

    Venezuela is in heaven compared to syria

    For now it is, but US want it to look more like Iraq. :-)

    If it's such a good example of govt, why are all the leaders kids rich ?

    It is not much good example, but if you compare it to US friendly ones - it is much better for normal people.

  • ""The report — obtained by the London-based NBC News Verification Unit — says there was no cellphone activity in a high-security portion of the Wuhan Institute of Virology from Oct. 7 through Oct. 24, 2019, and that there may have been a "hazardous event" sometime between Oct. 6 and Oct. 11."" .....

  • ..... "We were recently in touch with a military doctor who told us: 'I think you had it because a lot of people from this delegation were ill.'"

  • here it is..... ...." Even after China’s most famous pulmonologist, Zhong Nanshan, confirmed human-to-human transmission on January 20, the WHO continued to undermine effective responses by downplaying the risks of asymptomatic transmission and discouraging widespread testing. "

  • @kurth

    NBC News Verification Unit — says there was no cellphone activity in a high-security portion of the Wuhan Institute of Virology from Oct. 7 through Oct. 24, 2019,

    Looks like "highly likely" typical US stuff, as access to such data is highly defended and classified. Even more, I am sure that all Wuhan lab uses special internal cellphone bases for the ecurity of the thing.

  • One big issue of "China is responsible" version is strange impeachement thing happening in US at the time.

    It seems like whole thing had been staged as either attempt to get Trump out (very improbable considering level of it) or just as way to add smoke.

  • I have other candidate to blame for:

  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Friday a new rule requiring all Chinese journalists under non-American news companies to be given only 90-day work visas, as opposed to the previous open-ended visas commonly handed out.

    Based on the treatment by the [People’s Republic of China (PRC)] of foreign journalists, including U.S. citizens, DHS has determined that the PRC is not treating journalists in a manner that admitting ... visa holders for the duration of status is sufficiently reciprocal to the treatment accorded by the PRC to U.S. journalists or in alignment with U.S. foreign policy.

    At least here US is open that its press workers are soldiers in this war (cold one for now).

    According to Radio Free Asia (funded by the US State Department), there were around 46,800 deaths in Wuhan, vs. the 4,633 reported.


    CHina is doing everything right here, as it needs to tighten information sources so US will be forced to post complete fakes to keep people interested. It is already showing in full force.

  • America may be doomed, as all the media is controlled by Mordor Trolls and Chinese puppets :)


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  • The federal government has doubts about the US claim that the corona virus originated in a Chinese laboratory.

    According to information from SPIEGEL, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has last week with all partners of the secret service network "Five Eyes", which includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, according to evidence from the US government widespread laboratory thesis asked. None of the secret services wanted to confirm the thesis that, in addition to Trump, in particular US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

    US can be in this alone.

  • Hmm...may blame other.. more credible story, just making time

  • US Republican senators proposed legislation Tuesday that would empower President Donald Trump to slap sanctions on China if Beijing does not give a “full accounting” for the coronavirus outbreak, AFP reports.

    “The Chinese Communist Party must be held accountable for the detrimental role they played in this pandemic,” said Senator Jim Inhofe, one of the sponsors of the “Covid-19 Accountability Act.”

    Something is up with US, it seems like they need someone responsible for even more issues ordinary people will have.

  • Just reminder of the quote we already had on PV

    I hold that it is bad as far as we are concerned if a person, a political party, an army or a school is not attacked by the enemy, for in that case it would definitely mean that we have sunk to the level of the enemy. It is good if we are attacked by the enemy, since it proves that we have drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves. It is still better if the enemy attacks us wildly and paints us as utterly black and without a single virtue; it demonstrates that we have not only drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but achieved a great deal in our work.

    Mao Tse Tung

  • China has arrested and imprisoned hundreds of people for merely discussing the coronavirus outbreak in any context that strays from the communist party narrative on the epidemic, according to a report from a US based Chinese organisation.

    Having read previous "reports" and "pubications" of same sources I can tell you that their value is zero if not below it.

  • @jleo

    It is time to realise that China won't be able to solve fundamental economic conflict using deals, hank shaking or even more unconventional methods. No way.

  • @Vitaliy....about as much value as when you post propaganda written by their govt publications.

  • New round





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