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GH2 moon T7 problems with photos
  • The firmware moon T7, the video recording quality is excellent, everything is clear, sharp, the lenses are clean, without dust and scratches. But the photos turn out bad, I didn’t try to adjust the photo settings, it wasn’t detailed and not clear, the jpeg codec was pinched, raw is not very good either. I tried to install the official firmware and reset to factory settings - it did not help. Does moon T7 firmware affect the quality of the photo, Flow Motion v2 also tried, the same everywhere, Help with the settings, or on the GH2 all just shoot video?

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  • @kot0991

    Hacks do not touch photo side.

  • Виталий, тогда в чем может быть причина? Может матрице приходит конец или на солнце мог припалить? Больше похоже на тепловой шум от нагрева, как это можно проверить? Или может кто-нибудь скинет настройки фото режима?