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  • Sony PR

    CES®, owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), sets the global stage for revealing next-generation innovations. As such, Sony, entering its 49th year as an exhibitor at CES, will bring its best on Monday, January 6, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. The press conference will be led by global CEO Ken Yoshida at Sony's booth, #17300 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The event will be broadcast live to a global audience at

    CES is the pre-eminent consumer electronics event of the year and is one of our customers' favorite venues to experience Sony's most advanced audio, video and next-generation products, platforms and services," said Mike Fasulo, president and COO of Sony Electronics and chairman of CTA's Executive Board. "As a global entertainment company with a solid foundation in technology, Sony is continuing to pioneer new experiences that surprise and create authentic emotional connections with our customers across our film, television, music and gaming portfolios."

    Industry press and analysts will hear from companywide Sony leadership regarding new developments in sensors, audio experiences and how technology is enriching people's lives through the delivery of emotive experiences, enabling creators to realize their dreams and contribute to society.

    The press event will be immediately followed by a lively panel discussion with Sony Electronics president and COO, Mike Fasulo, and will feature two special guests: Sony Pictures Television Shark Tank personality, CEO of The Shark Group and FUBU and best-selling author, Daymond John, and Dr. Daniela Braga, CEO and founder of DefinedCrowd, a startup that is defining the standards for artificial intelligence training data in speech, natural language processing, and computer vision. Forbes Portugal recently listed Dr. Braga as one of the Top 20 most powerful Portuguese women in business, and DefinedCrowd was named one of the Forbes AI 50 companies on their inaugural list earlier this year. DefinedCrowd is a portfolio company with the Sony Innovation Fund.

  • Lenovo ThinkVision Creator Extreme P27 Pro Monitor


    • 3840 × 2160 panel, 60hz
    • 14ms
    • 1200nits
    • 1152 dimming zones, total number of leds is 10368
    • Factory calibrated
    • 99% DCI-P3, 100% sRGB
    • HDMI 2.0b - two ports
    • DP1.4
    • USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 with PD (100w)
    • 4x USB 3.0 output ports, 3.5mm port
    • Available in April
    • $2499


    800 x 656 - 74K
    800 x 671 - 35K
  • IdeaCentre Creator 5 Silent PC


    • Up to Intel Core i9
    • 8-16Gb DDR4 RAM
    • Up to GeForce RTX 2060
    • October 2020 availability
    • $1099,99
    695 x 696 - 28K
  • CES cameras

    • Canon 1D X Mark III
    • Nikon D780
    • AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR
    • NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S
    • Nikon COOLPIX P950
    • Panasonic announces professional style 4K camcorders “HC-X1500” “HC-X2000”
    • Insta360 ONE-R modular action cam & 360 degree system
  • PowerVision PowerEgg X AI


    PowerVision will launch its latest product, the PowerEgg X, at next week's CES 2020 conference and trade show. The compact, egg-shaped device has multiple uses. It can operate as an autonomous personal AI camera, a handheld 3-axis AI camera, or as a drone. The PowerEgg X was created to fill a consumer demand for an all-in-one versatile and affordable camera that allows users to instantly share content, according to PowerVision.

    The PowerEgg X took over 3 years to create, involved over 300 engineers, and 100 technology patents. The device weighs 522 grams (1.15 pounds) and measures at 165x100x100 mm (6.5x3.9x3.9 inches). Its 4K/60p camera has 1/2.8 inch CMOS 12MP sensor with a 78.4º field of view. It boasts facial recognition along with deep learning features that track and recall subjects, even if they've left the field view, plus it responds to hand gestures. In handheld mode, the device transforms into a 3-axis gimbal that produces stabilized UHD images with a battery life of up to 3.5 hours.

    In drone mode, the PowerEgg X can fly up to 30 minutes in 19-24 mph winds. It features obstacle avoidance, precise landing, and comes with a waterproof case and landing pad allowing it to take off and land in the water. PowerVision claims it can fly in the rain, a first for the drone industry. Another is the ability for users to narrate in real-time by using their mobile phone's microphone or a wireless earphone. Its proprietary SyncVoice technology automatically synchronizes with pictures, 'effectively ending silent-aerial photography.'

    "Three years in development, PowerEgg X pulls together the technology consumers are seeking and puts it in a small, elegant egg shape. With smart-image recognition tracking, image mechanical stabilization, and simple video-editing tools, it is easy for anyone to shoot material as if they were a professional-grade videographer. By creating a multi-purpose device, PowerVision has reduced the user's total purchase cost, storage requirement, increased ease-of-use, and giving the user unprecedented convenience."

    Starting at $899, the PowerEgg X will be available for purchase on PowerVision's site along with other approved retailers including BestBuy, B&H Photo and Amazon on January 7th. Those attending the annual CES 2020 show can view it at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the South Hall, booth #26415, from January 7th - 10th


    800 x 361 - 19K
    800 x 589 - 31K
  • Vizio now has OLED TV model


    For all of the 2020 models announced, Vizio is adding support for HDR10+ - the standard Samsung has been pushing - in addition to standard HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision.

    The top of the line is still Vizio's P-Series Quantum X, in 65-, 75- and 85-inch sizes, up to 792 zones of local dimming LED backlighting and brightness that it says can reach 3000 nits at peak, and 800 nits full screen for incredible contrast.

    The step down P-Series TVs have 240 zones of local dimming and lower brightness peaks at 1200 nits, but maintain quantum color tech in 65- and 75-inch sizes.

    Top 4K Vizio OLEDs at 55- and 65-inches models will be OLED.

    800 x 353 - 45K
  • Royole


    RoWrite 2

    Featuring the latest Royole fully flexible sensor, the RoWrite 2 is a complete redesign of the original. More than 40% lighter, significantly smaller and with longer battery life and better accuracy than its predecessor, this ultra-portable smart notebook not only offers more convenience but a better user experience all round. With Royole's fully flexible sensors embedded in a soft leather case and a wireless-charging smart pen, the RoWrite 2 is the perfect companion for those who cherish the touch and feel of paper in today's digital world.

    800 x 569 - 73K
  • Panasonic HDR glasses


    Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has developed the world's first High Dynamic Range(HDR) capable ultra-high definition(UHD) virtual reality (VR) eyeglasses which boasts a comfortable fit that makes users feel as if they were wearing eyeglasses.

    For the new VR glasses, Panasonic has developed a high performance display device in cooperation with Kopin Corporation2, which is a leading manufacturer of display devices for VR glasses. In addition, Panasonic's audio and visual technologies have been incorporated into this new device, including signal processing technologies cultivated through the development of video equipment such as TVs and Blu-ray Disc players, acoustic technologies of Technics audio products, and optical technologies used in LUMIX digital cameras. These technologies enabled Panasonic to achieve compact and lightweight VR glasses offering high-quality images and optimal sound that deliver realistic sensations drawing the user into the images projected before their eyes, while in the comfort of wearing eyeglasses.

    800 x 530 - 35K
  • TCL and Mini-LEDS

    TCL®, one of the world's best-selling and America's fastest-growing television brand, today unveiled for the first time a next-generation display technology at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show: Vidrian™ Mini-LED technology.

    Taking the lead in global display technology innovation once again to deliver powerful picture performance, TCL's new Vidrian Mini-LED technology is the world's first TV backlight with the driving semi-conductor circuitry and tens of thousands of micro-meter class mini-LEDs directly infused in a crystal-clear glass substrate. Vidrian Mini-LED technology is the next stage in pushing LCD LED TV picture quality to unrivaled levels of sharp contrast, brilliant luminance and highly stable long-life performance. When combined with TCL's big-screen 8K LCD panels, this advanced backlight technology will enable consumers to enjoy immersive entertainment in all lighting conditions, from being enveloped in a movie in the darkest of home theaters to being thrilled by a daytime ball game in a sun-lit living room. TCL TVs powered by Vidrian Mini-LED technology will deliver an uncompromised viewing experience in any room at any time.

    "Mini-LED backlight technology is critical for delivering powerful contrast performance and TCL is proud to have launched the world's first TV with mini-LED backlight, featuring over 25,000 micro-meter class backlights in the high-performance 2019 8-Series TV here in the US, and different models in other regions, to deliver extraordinary contrast and brilliant clarity," said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL North America. "Last year's launch of mini-LED backlight technology in TCL TVs disrupted the industry but we certainly aren't stopping there. TCL continues to drive even better performance with this powerful mini-LED innovation and will make mini-LED technology more widely available throughout this year's TCL lineup."

    Powerful Performance

    Unlike competing older-generation self-emissive TV display technologies that struggle with the brightest room conditions or long-term use with game consoles, TCL TVs powered by Vidrian Mini-LED technology will deliver exceptional contrast and powerfully brilliant luminance that are a perfect fit for any TV viewing lifestyle – from cinephiles that crave accuracy and detail to fast-twitch gamers that demand non-stop hours of lightning-fast color, contrast and clarity. By infusing pure glass sheets that span 65 inches, 75 inches or larger with tens of thousands of tiny light sources and all the circuitry that's required to individually control the precise light level in each zone of the TV's screen, the powerful TV performance will be in a league of its own.

    World-Class Display

    TCL's esteemed record for developing innovative TV technology that excites customers and critics alike, continues again this year with the introduction of its powerful new Vidrian Mini-LED technology. Taking advantage of TCL's $6 billion (US dollars) investment in a recently opened and state-of-the-art panel fabrication facility, all design and automated production of the LCD panel as well as the new glass light blades featuring Vidrian Mini-LED technology are controlled in-house by TCL. Compared with the existing LED LCD production process that uses traditional printed circuit board manufacturing techniques, TCL's newly developed process that melds semi-conductor circuitry together with a crystal substrate will deliver greater efficiency, greater light precision and greater luminance output.

    With a slimmer design, longer-life performance, sharper contrast, enhanced vibrant color, and greater clarity, TCL TVs powered by Vidrian Mini-LED technology will deliver more beauty, joy and entertainment to our customers than ever before.

    To learn more about TCL and its products, please visit booth #12930 in Central Hall at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show January 7-10 in the Las Vegas Convention Center or visit

  • Hisense

    Laser TVs

    Every year at CES, Hisense has brought an "evolutionary version" of laser TV. On 6th January, 2020, Hisense officially released three new Laser TV products--the 75-inch Trichrome Laser TV, the Sonic Screen Laser TV and the Self-Rising Screen Laser TV. Dr. Lin Lan, Vice President of Hisense Group, announced that Hisense Group is to challenge an annual target of 40 million TV sales units, aiming at top two globally.

    Dual Cell 4K TVs

    Hisense is using CES 2020 for the U.S. launch of its Dual Cell 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TV technology while celebrating the achievement of its market share growth into a top five contender for North American television sales.

    Jim Ninesling, head of U.S. AV product marketing, said that last year Hisense more than doubled its market share in 2019 and is looking to double it again in 2020.

  • Samsing Ballie - running robot


    The rolling robot is also designed to act as a fitness assistant and has a "mobile interface" that looks for ways to improve your life as your needs change using its built-in AI. Samsung also says Ballie's held to "stringent data protection and privacy standards."

    632 x 414 - 26K
  • Roland Go Livecast


    798 x 562 - 39K
  • SanDisk

    8TB portable SSD


    1TB flash drive


    684 x 493 - 35K
    677 x 403 - 25K
  • Make sure to check all out CES team photos at PV channel


    And make sure to say big thanks for Alan and Paulo for hard work.

    800 x 539 - 75K
  • TCL and their foldable thingy

  • New ultrafast SSDs

    Samsung 980 Pro



    Adata SAGE



    Kingston Grandview



    747 x 491 - 49K
    748 x 310 - 20K
    591 x 334 - 30K
    641 x 361 - 49K
    746 x 495 - 61K
    737 x 480 - 66K
  • Security drones