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Nikon Z6 - Smaller Brother and Sony A7III competitior with exact same sensor
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    World Photography Day - Monday, August 19th, 2019

  • Nikon India seems to offer a slightly different kit than Nikon USA

    Nikon Z6 India.jpg
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  • Xt-3 is missing from that shootout ; P

    Nikon Z6/Z7 and Olympus E M1X are by far the most comfortable camera's out their, at least for my hand/s. India kit hype aside, hopefully Nikon has "the" firmware update coming before the end of the month or better yet internal 12bit! and some other surprises. I want to want the Z6 or Z7, but I am not convinced yet. XT-3...hmmmm, I could always make a comfy grip out of playdough....

  • Z6 Lut is bigger news then new Indian kit I believe :) Unfortunately no Ninja V for me yet... but seems to be soon.

  • Today, Nikon has introduced a dedicated LUT (lookup table) for users of the N-Log feature on the Nikon Z 7 and Z 6 cameras, allowing greater creative control in post-production. Further adding to the Z series' capabilities for professional and advanced video creators, a new update will also be released later this year for the Z series cameras, which will enable the support of RAW video output from the camera when using a compatible ATOMOS Ninja V digital recorder.

    N-Log and LUT: Next Level Control in Post

    While Nikon's legacy in color science delivers an appealing palette and tones, this free upgrade takes color control to the next level. For even more flexibility, the dedicated LUT available for Nikon's N-Log is compatible with the Rec. 709 color space and is available in several versions, allowing users to easily apply different looks to their content. This 3D LUT is a preset of RGB color values, used to transform the appearance of video footage in post-production color grading, and enables adjustment of brightness, saturation and hue. The Nikon Z 7 and Z 6's N-Log HDMI output is optimized for 10-bit recording, bringing out the image sensor's full dynamic range. It records rich gradation information in highlights and shadows to allow for more flexible color grading.

    To download the LUT free of charge, please visit the following links:

    Support for RAW video output

    Scheduled to arrive later this year, the output RAW data stream will enable recording in ProRes RAW video format on the Ninja V 4K HDR monitor/recorder made by ATOMOS, Nikon's collaborator in developing RAW video output technology. RAW video files provide the richest information, just like still image RAW data. By bringing even more flexibility to post-production color grading, RAW video output support firmly places the Nikon Z series as an affordable contender for professional-level production and filmmaking of any scale. This feature will require an additional internal upgrade that will need to be performed at a local Nikon service center, which will incur a service charge.

    For more information about ProRes RAW and the advanced video capabilities of the Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras, please visit

  • Voldemort has gone bananas about the paid raw hardware update. Since the upgrade requires significant changes and a trip to the service center, it seems reasonable to me. He raves about how he paid full freight and now the camera is discounted. Good news for those of us who never adopt early.

  • @4CardsMan

    Smart habit - buy 2 years after introduction the refurbished version. Usually it is around 30-50% of original price. With new FF cameras it'll be 30%.

  • is this voldemort payed hardware upgrade official confirmed info? I cant believe it! Price drop is a big bla bla BS but if paid hardware upgrade is true I would be very disappointed. After so many years waiting for Nikon that would be too much....

  • I am guessing it is paid to try and make up for poor sales. Ironically poor sales are due to smarter folks waiting for pro-res raw... now smarter folks are thinking twice, and worried Nikon may try and follow Panasonic's pay now, pay more later for what we held back camera model. We will see. If it is a nominal charge, and Nikon doesn't repeat this mistake... Panasoic has alienated it's core consumers, Nikon only needs to add 4K 60p (48p would suffice), and be smarter with their pricing to claim that core group.

  • Nikon Launch Z 6 Essential Movie Kit in EU


    • Nikon FTZ mount adapter: enables use of NIKKOR F-mount lenses with no loss of quality, while other third party adapters enable use of a wide range of cine lenses.
    • Atomos Ninja V: flexible monitoring and recording in edit-ready ProRes and DNxHR formats.
    • SmallRig quick-release camera cage: the built-in Manfrotto-compatible quick-release system allows you to switch between tripods and monopods in seconds. 
    • Nikon EN-EL 15b batteries: two rechargeable Li-ion batteries, ensuring you're always ready to film the next scene.
    • Coiled HDMI cable: supports high-speed HDMI 2.0 for 4Kp60 ProRes and RAW high-frame-rate recordings.
    • 5200 mAh batteries: two batteries and a fast charger to keep the Atomos running on even the longest shoot.
    • SmallRig handle for camera cage: top-mounting grip handle for easy tracking.
    • SmallRig magic arm: mount the Atomos Ninja V to the camera cage with the magic arm clamp.
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  • Considering CFExpress update

    In regard to CFexpress support being released for the D500. We know that yes this will be a firmware update, but we can not release any information in regard to this due to the CF express update because the cards are not on the market and scheduled to be released in November of 2019

  • Ive got my Ninja at last so I could try N-log. Did not have much time (I did green screen on Z6 to compare with GH4 vlog) but: Wow.... how ugly and over saturaret Z6 lut from Nikon website is. How nobody noticed this? There are no alternatives online nighter this make me things that nobody use Z6 for video well not many. Only I was waiting so long for Nikon to catch up :) Or maybe this lut is for Raw which does not exist yet...

    Well I went with GH4 as I could better see what Im doing.

  • @konjow

    Again, use color chart and 3D LUT Creator :-)

  • Zacuto cage for Z6/Z7



    Nice light cage.

    Unfortunately sales and production are falling fast for Zacuto since large Chinese firms started to rule the cages market. But they still hold, mostly in domestic high end niche.

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  • Firmware v2.10

    • Added supported for optical VR with NIKKOR Z DX 16--50mm f/3.5--6.3 VR and NIKKOR Z DX 50--250mm f/4.5--6.3 VR Z-mount lenses. Note that attaching these lenses disables the Mechanical shutter option for Custom Setting d5 (Shutter type) in Group d (Shooting/display) of the CUSTOM SETTING MENU, leaving a choice of Auto and Electronic front-curtain shutter options only.
    • ISO sensitivity can now be adjusted using the lens control ring, and ISO sensitivity has been added to the options available for Custom Setting f2 (Custom control assignment) > Lens control ring in Group f (Controls) of the CUSTOM SETTING MENU.
    • - As of November 14, 2019, the aperture display in the lens info panel for NIKKOR Z 24--70mm f/2.8 S and NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct lenses shows both the current aperture and adjacent aperture values in modes A and M.
    • - When On was selected for Auto ISO sensitivity control and an option that does not include "slow sync" was selected for Flash mode, shutter speed was formerly restricted to values between those chosen for Custom Settings e1 (Flash sync speed) and e2 (Flash shutter speed), but this has now been changed to match the behavior of digital SLR cameras, with the result that the minimum shutter speed now corresponds to the value selected for Auto ISO sensitivity control > Minimum shutter speed.
    • - Fixed an issue that in extremely rare cases resulted in the camera failing to correctly record movies with 1920x1080; 120p selected for Frame size/frame rate.
    • - Fixed an issue that occasionally resulted in "noise" in the form of white lines at the bottom of the display when the electronic viewfinder was on.
    • - Fixed an issue that in rare cases resulted in "noise" in the form of fine horizontal lines appearing throughout the frame in movies and the live view display.
    • - Fixed errors in the UTC time zones for the following three cities in the Time zone and date > Time zone display in the SETUP MENU:
      • Caracas: was -4:30, is now -4:00
      • Casablanca: was 00:00, is now +1:00
      • Ankara: was +2:00, is now +3:00
    • - Fixed an issue that resulted in an incorrect date of creation being displayed in the Windows 10 "properties" dialogs for movies and time-lapse movies created with the camera, as well as copies created with camera movie editing controls.

  • ProRes Raw FW rumoured for next Tuesday

  • us - only for now unfortunately. So I cant wait for samples to download if anyone get access before Xmas please :)

  • New firmware PR

    Nikon Inc. is pleased to announce the release of firmware Ver. 2.20 for the Nikon Z 7 and Z 6 full-frame mirrorless cameras. This firmware update offers several improvements that make these cameras even more powerful, including the addition of support for the next generation memory card, CFexpress. Additionally, Nikon has announced that beginning today, service to install RAW video output functionality will be available for those wishing to add enhanced professional video capabilities.Support for CFexpress, the New Standard for Speed and Durability

    Updating Z 7 and Z 6 firmware to Ver. 2.20 enables the use1 of CFexpress2 cards. CFexpress cards are robust and reliable, and support even faster data transfer than XQD cards for a smoother and more efficient photographic workflow.

    CFexpress cards use a similar form factor to XQD, eliminating the need to physically modify the camera's memory card slot. After upgrading, users will be able to use CFexpress as well as XQD cards in their camera interchangeably. In addition to the Z 7 and Z 6, CFexpress memory card support will be added to the Nikon D5 (XQD-Type), Nikon D850 and Nikon D500 digital SLR cameras in the future.

    Initially, only limited CFexpress card types are fully supported and the number of supported cards will continue to expand as additional cards are tested and certified (Type B CFexpress cards manufactured only by Sony Corp. Availability date for the cards may vary by market).

    RAW video output function (4K UHD and Full HD)

    Developed in conjunction with Atomos, this capability enables recording of RAW video, which has greater flexibility for color grading compared to other video formats.

    With this upgrade, 12-bit 4K UHD or full-HD RAW video can be recorded3 to select models of Atomos video recorders4 connected to a Z 7 or Z 6 camera via a HDMI connector. As RAW video is not subjected to in-camera processing, all information that is outputted from the image sensor is preserved. This abundance of information can later be used in post-production.

    The RAW video output capability upgrade can be installed at a Nikon service center and will incur a fee but will be included free of charge as part of Nikon Z 6 Filmmaker's kit bundles. Those customers in the United States who have already purchased a Nikon Z 6 Filmmaker's kit (Product #13545) will be eligible to have the fee waived (proof of purchase required). For more details about the Nikon Z 6 Filmmaker's kit, please visit here.

    For additional technical information, equipment requirements and instructions on requesting the RAW video output upgrade, please visit:

    Price and Availability

    The firmware update Ver. 2.20 which enables CFexpress functionality is available now, free of charge. Please visit The Nikon Z series Firmware update page to download and find more information.

    The RAW video output upgrade is available starting today and will require installation by a Nikon Service Center. A $199.95* fee will apply.