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My zero budget feature film shot entirely on the BMPCC :-)
  • As a long standing member of this forum and always finding inspiration and advice for my low budget DIY filmmaking, I wanted to share my zero budget feature film Polar:

    More info about the making of the film here:

    It is a drama comedy about substance abuse, mental health and not fitting in. If you enjoy it please share the link and please leave a review on IMDB and AMAZON we really need it as we hardly have any!

    Thanks so much for your time if your get to watch it I hope you like it, it is available at higher resolution and without the stamp in the corner for a low cost, the money will be used to keep the film production moving forward and possibly making another feature!

    It is on and Amazon UK and USA.

    Thank so much hope you enjoy and please subscribe to us on youtube I will be making more videos about the making of Polar and other similar stuff.

    Regards, Dom.

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  • A little late, forgot to send a reply on what a great job you did on this. A little long for me in some parts, but any critique I have are minor quibbles to you and your crew going out, shooting, and getting it done. A feature is a monumental accomplishment!

  • Hi thanks a lot dude! Yes it is that style really, it was even slower and longer in parts before I axed a lot of the space. Glad I did! Most people seem to not get bored throughout the runtime which is always vary satisfying for me to hear! But I can see how it could drag on for some. Really depends on how much you engage with the characters, subject matter...etc. Thanks so much! Was a hell of a ride and we are looking for funding for a far superior but similar film.

    Cheers mate, Dom.

  • @disease8

    Always nice to see old PV member making good stuff :-)