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AMD Radeon VII GPU is made for video editing
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  • @leonbeas

    Made separate topic as will be simpler to find.

    It is very nice patch.

  • Not sure on the underlying code, but as a 35 year professional in cad/cam and product design, the way vegas works was fairly intuitive for me. Most other nle's, particularly resolve has been excruciating to try to learn. Vegas has also been one of the first to support the panasonic 10bit h264 and h265 files so I've stuck with it.

    I ran userbenchmark tests on my new machine and it test out very well for each component except the radeon 7. It show's one of the lowest tests for that gpu.

    Not sure how to trouble shoot which piece of the puzzle is dragging it down. Any suggestions on how to see if it's a driver on the mobo or gpu or just a bad card?

    Cheers, Pete

  • @c3hammer

    You mean that issue is also with other benchmarks not matching typical numbers?

  • @vitaliy_kiselev, yes other benchmarks also show that the radeon 7 is not performing as it should.

  • @c3hammer

    Well, can be that it is in PCIe x8 slot, can be that you have issues with cooling.

    Check proper utilities that you don't have thermal throttling.

  • Tried it in an x8 slot just to check and it shows the same results in either 8x or 16x slots. The fans never spool up and runs at super low Mhz for both memory and gpu as far as I can see in wattman. 37 deg c peak temp on the gpu so far. Nothing is hitting this thing it would appear.

    I think it might be a problem with a mobo driver and I need to do some more research there. Thanks for the suggestions though !!!

    Cheers, Pete

  • How motherboard driver can affect GPU speed? Except may be some nasty power scheme setting I do not see it.

    Issue can be also PCIe cables/power supply, may be it is so smart that if can't get enough power it just keep low Mhz.

  • @c3hammer

    Maybe this a very stupid questions but let me help you got the obvious out of the way.

    Did you perform a clean install of the latest radeon drivers, uninstall and install again maybe there is some conflict with windows self installed drivers.

    Does your PSU have enough power to fully power GPU and all cables correctly connected? Some full modular PSU have different amp outputs and in some cases it doesn't provide enough juice.

    Do you have all BIOS settings correctly configured for your graphics?

    Try to disable IGPU from intel CPU if this is the case and test it again.

    If that doesn't fix it maybe the software or drivers isn't updated for this card yet.

    Keep us informed

  • @leonbeas, no stupid questions when it comes to setting these things up.

    It's an ASRock x399 mobo and TR1950x processor. Uses all AMD chipset drivers as far as I can tell. The ASRock all-in-one drivers brings up the Radeon Settings and tries to update the GPU drivers with no options for the mobo drivers. I did get the AMD chipset drivers 18.50.0422 dated 4/22/2019 to install today to no effect.

    I have an 850 watt psu and think it's is over the top though I don't know how to test that out. I am running the TR1950x oc'd at 3.9ghz and 1.225 volts with zero issues.

    Have updated the vbios and main bios to the latest available. I've gone through the bios looking at every line to see if I've got something set up wrong. Even tried some crazy pci 4x4x4x4 instead of 16x. It ran fine but was a bit slower.

    I think I've done the clean install from the AMD updater at least 4 times now trying older and newer drivers. Haven't tried any of the third party uninstallers though.

    I keep thinking it's just a dud of a card, but I've never seen a card that is so far off and perfectly stable. Usually if there's something wrong it causes reboots and isn't usable. Thus I keep scratching my head trying to figure out if it's one of my settings or drivers.

    Thanks for the suggestions Cheers, Pete

  • @c3hammer

    Get the card and try it in completely different PC, it is simplest thing. Will exclude all but card.

    Get to Windows power settings, as well go to Radeon overclock settings and try to set all manually.

  • @c3hammer

    Thats a bunch of nice tips from @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Just one step before giving up, after you tried everything, give your MOBO an hard reset (BATTERY OUT BIOS RESET) and do a fresh install of windows, connecting only THE BASICS (CPU/RAM/GPU/SYSTEM DISK) remove all other things that you don't need to install windows, it does fix some things sometimes. I had a Motherboard Energy problem that fixed this way, took me several months to find it though.....

    Don't discard the option to RMA maybe you have a bad card, have you contacted AMD?

  • @c3hammer

    I have the same card and (it seems) the same issues with Resolve. However, I solved it with he help of someone on the BM site: Turn on HBCC in the radeon global settings. (default levels). Restart the computer. i was going to return the card, until I came across this solution. Thought I should post it here, to possibly save someone a bit of misery.

  • @bheath

    One of the guys I talked told me that Resolve node architecture is big pain in the ass for really top speed GPU implementation. As they treat each node as universal isolated entity, this is why it eats so much GPU RAM, and spends huge time and resources transferring intermediate results.

    Sole proper rewrite adding more complex nodes that can do lot of common tasks at once could speed up things 2-3x times.

    And rewriting many filters to add option to work in fp16 will gain another 2-4 times speedup on modern generation of GPUs.

    But as far as I know BM has no plans to do it, as it will hurt their business and their partners a lot.

  • Yes Vitaliy, it seems Blackmagic turns their focus to specific partners. The other holdback is the implementation of h265 support. It has the option to enable AMD h265 support, but the result is those green screen files. (I have studio version) Avid has always been the most nimble editing tool for me, but I don't want to go back to any subscription-based software if I can help it. Hopefully I can get this resolve up and running as efficiently as Media Composer was. Thanks!

  • This nodes architecture issue Vitaliy mentions is quite interesting. The standard practice with Resolve "pros" seems to be use one node to adjust balance, then another for contrast, then another for a LUT, then another for grain, then another for denoise, then another for power window, then another for ... you get the picture. :)

    You could have done all those things in one node, but then you have a harder time keeping track of what you did (I guess). Would it speed things up, I wonder?

  • You could have done all those things in one node, but then you have a harder time keeping track of what you did (I guess). Would it speed things up, I wonder?

    Best and simplest is to make special combined nodes to arrange common stuff.

    Or add special complex algorithm that recognizes such nodes sequences.

  • FWIW, I did a very simple single clip render test with 8 nodes (1 adjustment each) vs 1 node (8 adjustments). Didn't make any difference. So story is probably a little more complicated.

  • @kinvermark

    Most probably it is no difference as GPU is not bottleneck in your case.
    To see real difference you need to properly arrange testing method, including monitoring of GPU memory used.

  • @bheath I tried changing the HBCC setting and it makes no difference in times in Vegas 16 or doing something like superposition 4K optimized. Still searching for the gremlin that is keeping this beast from being a screamer.

    Cheers, Pete

  • @c3hammer

    As far as I understand such thing only play role if you do not have enough VRAM and mostly used in Resolve.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Makes sense, as I am using an aging mobo/cpu with relatively modern GPU. Maybe others can do a small trial. I will ask for opinions in the BM forum.

  • New X399 chipset drivers and Radeon Adrenalin 2019 19.7.1 just came out over the weekend.

    The new Radeon driver didn't change anything, but the chipset drivers solved my lower UserBenchmark scores and brought it up to 147% from the 130% my Radeon VII was running at.

    The lastest Vegas 16 sample project render went from 45 to 37 seconds !!!

    Finally feel like this thing is performing as it should. Just thought if anyone came across this post and had an X399 mobo with a Radeon VII they would see to go get the latest chipset and video drivers to get their Radeon VII slaying.

    Cheers, Pete

  • @c3hammer

    Rumors are that cards are no longer made, for long time.

    So, it is small remaining stock only.

  • French media outlet Cowcotland says that industry sources have confirmed that AMD's Radeon VII graphics card has reportedly reached the EOL (End-of-life) status.

    AMD strange response

    We continue to see strong availability of Radeon VII in the channel for both gamers and creators.

  • My 980ti crashing to offten now. What is current best value AMD card for 10bit 4K? Would rx580 be good enough or do I need to go higher?