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Apple Pro Display XDR - sponsor building of 3rd Tim Cook's yacht
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    The Pro Display XDR will be available this fall for $5,000 or $6,000 with the optional matte coating.

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  • @jonpais

    One thing I want to specially mention - HDR monitors space is very fast changing.

    In coming year it will be lot of 600-1200nits HDR 4K monitors with 99% DCI-P3.

  • What we can say for sure is that the XDR is the display HDR content creators have been waiting for and that, while it may not be replacing Sony BVMX reference monitors in production studios, it will most certainly find a place right alongside them; and it is the answer to the prayers of every filmmaker who wants or needs to grade HDR footage.

    Samuel Bilodeau - a specialist in HDR whose list of clients reads like a who’s who in the imaging technology field and whose company owns $80,000 worth of reference monitors - has nothing but praise for the new display. Bilodeau, a recognized authority in the field, has more experience shooting, processing and delivering HDR content than most, if not all, of the pundits on the internet who’ve made a career out of talking smack about Apple. His numerous articles on HDR have yet to be equalled in breadth, scope and knowledge by any other professional in the field - and he succeeds in making a lot of highly technical matters accessible to a broad audience.

    His company’s work in UltraHD boasts over over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 150 million views and growing.

    He writes, “ The Pro Display XDR, in our opinion, will be the new gold standard for both photographers and videographers, by allowing them to view their content on a display that is, again in our opinion, and again saying this as owners of $80k in HDR monitors, pretty damn comparable.“

    That’s right: pretty damn comparable. And he also has some pretty great and surprising things to say about the 2019 Mac Pro, Catalina and Quicktime, too.

  • Jonathan Morrison has shot lots of footage that he was never able to properly grade until now because he did not own an HDR monitor. This is the first time I’ve seen a tech reviewer upload to YouTube in HDR, and the results are gorgeous.

  • @mikelinn the engineer video is sooo funny!

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    800 x 496 - 38K
  • I love the sound the crowd makes when he says the price of the stand.

  • @MarcioK

    Price is such is because it is versatile instrument, for example, you can use it to destroy your Galaxy S10+.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Guess that the stand could run some iOS apps, since it is pricier than a Galaxy S10+ :)

  • @MarcioK

    Do not worry, I am sure even this year we can see $1000 cables from Apple.

  • Best part: the monitor stand is not included. And costs US$ 999 (really).

  • So let’s wait for the generic LG brand to come out then.

  • @retrospective

    Actually two of them. :-) LOL.

    Apple monitors are usually good, but also usually they do not design them internally, it is LG or such.

    In a year much better HDR tech will be available -

  • Vitaliy is salivating, I bet he preordered this monitor already.