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Sony can leave smartphones market - sensors prices hike will follow
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    It is strong rumors in the industry that on top management meeting Sony started to discuss fully axing mobile communication division and specifically smartphone production.

    Big consequences can be hike of CMOS sensors prices, as now lot of development expenses are being hidden in the smartphones department financials. Management do not want clients to know that Sony is not so competitive in the sensors area in the cost terms. This can also lead to breakup of hidden agreement with Samsung and return of Samsung into consumer cameras market within few years.

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  • Sony Mobie Communications has revised downward its shipment target for smartphones for fiscal 2018 (April 2019-March 2019) to 6.5 million units from seven million projected previously.

    The revised figures will represent a decline of 51.9% from the 13.5 million units shipped a year earlier.

    If you account for:

    Whole thing can be way to get rid of most successful manager by axing him with most problematic division.

    And it is he personally who still guides and protects Sony mirrorless development program.

  • Sony Mobile is losing its independence. The division will be combined with Sony’s TV, audio and camera products into a unit called Electronics Products and Solutions.

    The company presents this as a move to increase the synergies between various Sony electronics – the Xperia line already borrows heavily from the TV and camera divisions.

    For what it’s worth, Sony will keep reporting the financial performance of its Xperia smartphones. Still, some worry that this is an attempt to hide the losses from the mobile division by grouping it with Sony’s more successful units.

    Actually it means end of Sony Mobile division as had been predicted.

  • Get ready for more CinaAlta phones!

  • Sony is cutting up to half its smartphone workforce as sales shrink in the face of stiff global competition.

    The job cuts come as the global smartphone industry suffers one of the severest downturns of recent years. Worldwide shipments are expected to decline for the third straight year in 2019 to about 1.3 billion units, according to U.S. research company IDC.

    The decision to scale back its smartphone workforce, which could see up to 2,000 of the total 4,000 jobs cut by March 2020, is part of a move to reduce fixed costs in the business, and also includes procurement reform.

    By 2020 most probably we won't see any globally sold Sony smartphones, they can stay on home and few other markets.

  • Sony shutting smartphone factory in Beijing and shifting production to Thailand. This closure is part of aims to turn around its loss-making handset business by April 2020. The company didn’t disclose the number of jobs which would be affected.

    Things are becoming worse each day for Sony.

    Expect big surprises in imaging department in coming months.

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    Sony now ship fewer smartphones than many small Chinese brands.

    Hope this nightmare will end soon. it will be interesting if they will axe ex-imaging head with mobile division.

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  • Sony’s consumer electronics hardware business “has centered on entertainment since our foundation, not daily necessities like refrigerators and washing machines,” Kenichiro Yoshida told a group of journalists.

    “We see smartphones as hardware for entertainment and a component necessary to make our hardware brand sustainable,” he said. “And younger generations no longer watch TV. Their first touch point is smartphone.”

    Yoshida also said he is confident in improving profitability at the pictures business.

  • Smartphones sales dropped around 30% YoY and trend continues.

    It is expected that Sony will leave smartphone market outside Japan in few months.