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Sony RX0 II Camera Topic
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  • @kurth I get it you are old and bitter, and not evidently fully able to study and think now. Or even accurately recollect what you write. With apparently little you are able to do but post embarrassing rants. I suggest you try to find something creative to take up your remaining time. It may make you much happier. You do not have to thank me.

  • @markr041no one was offering any theories, only empirical observation, and I was studying ( many fields and quite successfully ) before you were even a distant thought. You seem to have a gear addiction that you're tending to rationalize by making this meaningless comparison. You're the one who decided to do the comparison between a 1/2" and a 1" sensors...locked down. You're the one who put it out there for comparison. And you're the one who criticized comparing the rx0 to the rx100. Of course the sony wins ( nearly all ) comparison with the osmo. What 1" camera wouldn't. However, with all that jitter in your other videos, it doesn't win in the stabilization debt...unless you put it on a gimbal. That was my obvious point ! And @vitaliy...we all should do what we want. Like you. Many folks wanted you to hack another camera. Obviously you didn't want to. I never criticized or suggested otherwise. You probably thought like me, that it wasn't a good use of your precious time, since our time on this rock is limited...and like me not having any interest in doing camera comparisons....and all the rubbish attached. That even ranks below wedding photographers as a waste of precious time and energy. That might have been a fleeting thought back in like 2002 when I bought a 60d, or maybe it was in '98 when I bought the sony pd100a, or maybe the hi8 tr3300 in '96, or in the 70's and eighties with my 3 beaulieus, s8 and 16, or with the nizo 6080 shooting 200' sound cartridges. I might have thought about camera comparisons then... for about 3 minutes ! Sadly real life can't be monetized.

  • @kurth

    You need to start doing your own tests and comparisons :-)

  • Includes a zoom!

  • @kurth Little is obvious about video IQ, except empirical evidence. The issue is always: how much better? how much worse? how visible? Theory is for armchair pundits, who also do not study, like you.

    Oh, how about underwater video? Sony wins hands down. How about video in the rain? Sony wins hands down. How about HDR video, with extended color gamut and DR, internal or external with 10bit 422? Sony wins hands down. How about zooming? Sony wins hands down. How about drop test? Sony wins hands down? How about 240 fps FullHD video? Sony wins hands down? How about time lapse with RAW stills? Sony wins hands down. No need for a video for these comparisons. Just, as always, knowledge, not ignorance.

    And the BIG diiference: stereo manual audio, external for the RX0 ii with meters. Mono only, poor audio, even externally with an expensive adaptor, with the Osmo. No meters.

  • well the sony/osmo comparison ...was done why ? Before you weren't into comparing an rx100, a hundred dollars more expensive, but at least has the same sensor. Obviously with both cameras locked down, the one inch sensor wins. That was about 99.9% fixed before the race. I'd bet the sony would win if u put it on a gimbal too...except you need a remote to trigger afs. But to be fair, the osmo cost 350 and the sony cost 7...and then you'd need the gimbal and remote ...another 300. So where's the race ? The osmo wins hands down by being half price....and half size.

  • This video was shot all handheld, using Slog2. The EIS in this camera is much better than I thought. First, there is no crop (unlike the GoPro Hero7 Black), so it does not seem to lower resolution even in 4K. Second, it is very stable. Not good enough by my standards for walking with the camera, but others may even find that ok. About as good as IBIS in the big Sony cameras.

    This video was shot in Slog2, which has a native ISO of 1000. Slog2 expands the color gamut and dynamic range to the maximum of the camera.

    There is also Clear Image Zoom, which give you a 1.5X zoom in 4K, with little loss in resolution. One clip uses the zoom at maximum.

  • Graded version of RX0 ii 4K video:

    Added a touch of contrast and saturation.

  • Sony RX0 ii versus DJI Osmo Pocket

    First for each scene is the Osmo, followed by the RX0. Both using their Standard color, 4K 30P, mounted on a tripod side by side.

  • Back to the topic. These are 4K test clips straight from the RX0 ii: no recompression or any alteration in post. No attempt to make an interesting or pretentious or spoof video, just show what 4K in default everything produces. You can download the original clips.

    Note: the new model has AFS in movie mode - there was no autofocus of any kind in movie mode on the original RX0 - only zone focus and manual. AFS is quick and accurate, and you can choose the size of the zones and you can focus lock with half press in video mode. It is contrast detect, of course.

    Using electronic stabilization does NOT crop. It is not as good as the Hero7 Black digital stabilization, which does crop a lot, or the DJI Osmo Pocket. But it is better than I thought. Only one shot here is handheld.

  • @philiplipetz....everybody's got a right to their this u ?

    and is that you doing all that spiritual guru devotional propaganda ? ....and you're accusing me of not being original ? lol....really...u made my day !

  • @Kurth

    Meh. You are exactly the not interesting content you rant and rave about. Nothing you say has not been said before in thousands of posts. Boring.

  • "Be careful, as step by step you can rise Hollywood killer here :-)"

    yep...after careful analysis, we've got a copycat ted bundy with an osmo pocket and teal grade... 1st "filmic lesson"...there are no formulas

  • What you guys think is filmic: wide aspect ratio, orange and teal grade, bombastic score, and tension without resolution, story or interesting characters. EOSHD dream, although I did leave out out of focus shots and gratuitous really narrow dof clips. And, no sunset.

  • @kurth

    Be careful, as step by step you can rise Hollywood killer here :-)

  • @mark041 think that's cinematic ? ...been watching way too much cable tv ? Looks like stalking to me.

  • While this is off topic, I made this video especially for Kurth (and his ilk), who went way off topic anyway:

    I expect the RX0 ii on a gimbal can be even more "filmic."

  • @Vitaliy ....reflex agency response....

  • @kurth

    Just find better thing to do in life than chasing someone on forums, until you want to make him proposal, of course.

  • yes're absolutely right....I shoulda never thought I could discuter with a pro. I mean, he's on every forum this side of NASA Mars ! My humble apologies...

  • @kurth

    Calm down and stop making conflict out of nothing.
    Want better samples you like - find someone who makes and watch their channel.

  • @markro41 " Best idea is just keep doing stuff you like."....yeah.....even when it's boring and you have no idea what else to do ! LOL...and I don't waste time with like buttons....and I only listen to physicist, philosophers, world class gallery owners, world cinema makers, and real breathing artist....that use the word filmic. Since you're not in one of those groups, and you have obvious hostility to aesthetics theory, you have nothing to teach me. And another point, while we're here....when you're doing a sample video of the newest kid-on-the-block gimbal camera....move the camera. Hint...that's why they put it on a gimbal, grasshopper. Now go buy another camera to make yourself feel better.

  • @markr041

    Best idea is just keep doing stuff you like.

  • @kurth Links to your videos? Even if they are good, which I doubt otherwise you wouldn't be discussing here, it does not excuse spreading misinformation or your evident hostility to learning. Filmic, LOL. Pretentious claptrack by wannabes.

    And new features expand creative possibilities, at least for those not closed minded. There is no trade off between image quality and content, image quality enhances content.

    Oh, and keep hitting that dislike button on my videos, they increase traffic.