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Good design: Easy to change microswitches in mouse
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    Switch in Asus Rog Gadius ii Wireless mouse.

    And it must be such for all switches used in mouse.

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  • Hmm. I never had a mouse failing a switch before it was unusable anyways (due to moisture issues, dust inside the wheel or broken cables). But the problem in general with replacements is: To get inside the mouse (to remove dust etc for example), you normaly have to remove the sliding pads on the bottom. And for some mice there are just no replacement pads available.

    So you COULD fix the switch(es) for example on most mice - But you need to be really careful with the original included pads (its also necessary to replace the double sided sticky tape normaly). Though: The original pads are normaly also bending way too easy when you remove them (at least slim / bigger ones) - So I recommend to go for replacement pads (in case there are some available on the market) - Those slide even better normaly than the original ones ^^.

    According the mentioned model: It´s Good to see, that they make their mice more serviceable - And at least with that particular model they used seperate screw slots to open it up. Quite good move / well thought through. Cudos to Asus for that design. ^^ LG

  • @Tscheckoff

    Most probably you used only cheap rats :-)

    Dust inside the wheel sounds like bad cheap mechanical wheels.

  • Cleaned only (cheaper) mice from relatives and colleagues til now - To save a few bucks on a new one and to save it from the garbage can. I personally always used Logitech til now (and even the oldest one is still working). Partly frayed textile calbe - And one of the DPI buttons is stuck (so I switched after a few years to a new one). But its still working ^^.

    Exchangeable switches are nice though for people, which are "hammering" around on their (poor) mice all the time. Also played a hole lot in the past - But as mentioned - Never killed one of the main switches on one of my personal mice. But its good to have an easy serviceable one. LG