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Sony RX0 II Camera Topic
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  • @markro41 " Best idea is just keep doing stuff you like."....yeah.....even when it's boring and you have no idea what else to do ! LOL...and I don't waste time with like buttons....and I only listen to physicist, philosophers, world class gallery owners, world cinema makers, and real breathing artist....that use the word filmic. Since you're not in one of those groups, and you have obvious hostility to aesthetics theory, you have nothing to teach me. And another point, while we're here....when you're doing a sample video of the newest kid-on-the-block gimbal camera....move the camera. Hint...that's why they put it on a gimbal, grasshopper. Now go buy another camera to make yourself feel better.

  • @markr041

    Best idea is just keep doing stuff you like.

  • @kurth Links to your videos? Even if they are good, which I doubt otherwise you wouldn't be discussing here, it does not excuse spreading misinformation or your evident hostility to learning. Filmic, LOL. Pretentious claptrack by wannabes.

    And new features expand creative possibilities, at least for those not closed minded. There is no trade off between image quality and content, image quality enhances content.

    Oh, and keep hitting that dislike button on my videos, they increase traffic.

  • One of the reasons photography has been relegated to the trashbin of instagram is mediocre content.

    All human history it had been mostly same sort of content quality, even worse.

    Thing that we see now is that due to marketing and profits all normal filters are off. Do not worry, next stage will be next, much more advanced version of sorting and filtering.

  • @Vitaliy...actually I'd prefer a squirrel to the rx0 ! ...and thank god for the pause button. My point being....who cares if a camera shoots 32k holograms and cost 100 bucks...if people have no interesting content. And people with no interesting content shouldn't play teacher. We had some interesting threads....( @maxr and others) about the filmic image. Maybe some might benefit from a search. Nothing like learning photography and film history before one picks up a camera....imho. One of the reasons photography has been relegated to the trashbin of instagram is mediocre content. And of course the other reason is anybody who buys a camera automatically becomes edward weston. And these dayz, any dude can buy a rx0 and call himself a cinematographer. Well, imho, that dude would be better served by buying an rx100 ...for or minus $100 ...but he still wouldn't be a cinematographer ! This camera is what v1.0 should have been, but sony makes a profit off their flawed learning curve, at the customers expense. At a certain point, people who use cameras need to realize that that newer model won't make them any more creative. I'd far prefer to watch an interesting mini dv than a boring 4k video anyday....even if it's oversampled from 6k. But gearmania is driving the market.

  • @kurth

    Well, I am ok with Mark samples and especially that they are over 30 seconds.

    I think it is part of his intent to make it boring. May be he just need to buy squirrel

  • @markr041....actually no, I don't give a shxt about learning, when it conflicts with my own opinion based on my experience. Working as a real photographer and supporting a family for my third career after research engineer and artist was enough learning curve. Color science is apparently more important to some video shooters, bur rarely ever gets mentioned by still photographers. Like I said...photoshop. Works for video too. $100 here nor there.'s you who's I'll give you a pointer....your videos are boring ! Get some content, or if it's just a sample, cut it to 30 seconds !

  • Yeah you do have to check facts first, unless you don't care about truth and/or don't care about whether others take you seriously. Just a suggestion for your own good. And stating that you know what is good and useful also suggests you don't want to learn. Don't know why you are here then. The mark iv is on sale now, $100 off, and still $100 more than the RX0 ii. Did you actually go to the link? Or do you just "know" it is not on sale or hope someday it will be even lower in price to prove you right?

    Dont care about camera color science? LOL.

    I am not claiming the RX0 ii is great, just pointing out its advantages to people who seem factually challenged or lacking in imagination. I got nothing to sell, I am not a vlogger dependent on favors from manufacturers, just acutely sensitive to misinformation. I use GoPro's, RX100's, Sony and Panasonic mirrorless, got no particular manufacturer bias.

  • @markr041...nope...I don't need to check my facts first. No photographer ever is going to choose the rx0 over any rx100...i, ii, iii, iv, v, or vi .... for still photography, I don't care what's color science sony put on the fw. That's what photoshop is for. And the iv shoots raw as well....and omg...guess you'll have to get a mark iv on sale ! Where's the hostility? ...I'm just not a gearhead and know which gear is useful and which gear is flawed. And I don't need to jump on every bandwagon passing thru town.

  • Right. The RX0 has more absolute resolution with stabilization enabled and supports clear image zoom. That's all great... though for most of the stuff where I want to use that style of camera (e.g. stuck to a car with a suction cup or attached to a backpack strap, etc), it's less of a big deal if there's some slight resolution loss. The camera might be worth it for $600, but for pretty much the same price, you could get in on the preorder for the Z-Cam E2C. :)

  • @eatstoomuchjam If you are using stabilization you are not shooting 4K with the GoPro Hero7 Black - it uses some of those scarce pixels for the stabilization, about a 10% loss in resolution. The RX0 ii oversamples by 1.7X to get 4K; it is not just a crop of the sensor and thus there are extra pixels for stabilization and for their "lossless" zoom.

  • @EspenB Yeah, I know about linear mode, but since I'm shooting 4K, it doesn't do me much good. And yeah, it would be nice if the mic input were included on the body, but at least the adapter is pretty small. Fingers crossed that someday, GP offers an option without the fisheye lens... it's not like decent rectilinear M12 lenses cost that much or are rare.

  • @kurth "But you could actually use it as a stills camera too, unlike the rx0." "the rx100 mark iv ...the same price!"

    You obviously need to check your facts, again, before emoting. First, the RX0 takes 15M stills, in RAW too. With eye AF and all the profiles. 16 shots per second too. Better color science than all the RX100's and RX10's. Second, the RX100 iv is $100 more than the RX0 ii. See

    At least most vloggers get their facts straight and are not hostile. Hey guys, whatsup?

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    LINEAR view (with software dewarping of the lens) has removed the fisheye effect if you don't want to, but sadly not for 4K yet.

    GoPro should in my view try to copy the flippy screen and get the analogue mic input back on the camera body.

  • @markr041...OMG...I made a mistake....shoot me....the rx100 mark iv ...the same price! It also has a faster zoom lens, a real evf , and a usable lcd! ....alas no mic input. But you could actually use it as a stills camera too, unlike the rx0. The vlogging thingie...well, how many fuxin vloggers in the world are there? All of them trying to monetize their mediocre lives on youtube ?'s disgusting. Sony is swatting at flies. It does make a good but expensive crash camera though. ps....fixed aperture (ugh) and no af-c. difficult would af-c be on a fixed focal length fixed aperture lens ?

  • Although to be fair, you could also get a Hero 7 with a microphone adapter for substantially less (like 2/3 the cost) and get decent bitrate 4kp60 HEVC and much better in-camera EIS, but with disadvantage of a fisheye lens.

  • C'mon, the RX100 iii does not shoot 4K or 1080 120p. The RX0 ii is the cheapest 1" 4K (oversampled!) shooter from Sony. And, the RX0 takes an external mic; no RX100 cameras does. The RX0 does time-lapse, not the RX100 VI. And, finally, Sony claims the color science is better (skin tones) than all previous RX models.

    Again, put the RX0 ii on a small gimbal with an external mic and you have something special for shooting video, not just for vloggers.

  • it would be cheaper, in terms of camera, not action camera needs, to buy an rx100mkiii

  • @markr041

    They made it not because original sold well. They do it to cover costs. This is my theory.

    As requirements for multicamera setups exist, but it is niche thing.

  • Obviously one target audience is vloggers, including those who shoot selfies. That is touted in all the PR.

    The camera is almost half the price of the RX100 VI, so if one wants a small 1" sensor 4K camera with equally (almost) good video and stills in the RX100 series, it is the lower-cost option.

    Sort of an action cam too, given robustness against water and tough use. So also a higher quality IQ GoPro and X3000, without the fisheye look. More versatile than an action cam, though less good IS that either action cam.

    And put in on a small gimbal (like the Feiyutech G6, which has a dedicated RX0 mount and controls) and you have a higher-quality (better stills, better video, much better audio) Osmo Pocket that is waterproof out of the box (G6 too!). That is what appeals to me (so we get one target).

    I am not saying this is enough to justify the product's existence, but you asked. Obviously the original sold enough that it justified to Sony creating a second model, which basically eliminates the major shortcomings of the first but, atypical for Sony, sells at the same price as did the original.

  • @EspenB

    I still want to understand, who is target audience?

    I understand multicamera usage for specific markets, but for all else it is mostly overpriced limited thing.

  • Stabilization seems good if you use the post processing app on a mobile device.

    Still amazing that GoPro does it all in-camera.