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Sony A7III Language Hack Help
  • I recently purchased a Sony A7III from Japan. and as some of you know, Sony cameras do not have language settings on them, when they are bought from Japan. I am quite competent with the camera (even with it set in a different language) I mainly bought it from here because the price difference was justifiable.

    Anyway, I found the amazing guide on this site ( to help replace the camera language files. I was able to extract the firmware files (Funny enough Ive tried many versions of the fw-tool and none of them would extract the file, except the GUI one.) the extractor gave me the 4 files, one of which is the FDAT file the contains the actual firmware and as you can imagine the file is encrypted and thats where I am stuck now!

    I realize it might be against the rules to ask for this, but any "tips" or direction on how to extract the fdat file would be highly appreciated? the guide says to google but I am afraid my google skills aren't as good as I thought they were. I apologize in advance if this is breaking any rules.

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  • It is clearly not against rules. :-)

    But I suppose that you somehow need the way to decrypt it.

    Even with initial batch of Sony hacked cameras it was some unknown guy who knew how to do it and disappeared.

  • In the guy he mentions to decrypt the AES file you would need to find the key which is available online and to use google .. which I can't for the life me find anywhere

  • Hi there! i want to ask if how i change Sony a7iiis japanese language to english? please help

  • I think if someone has already modified the firmware, please upload it!

  • Can anyone help Where to find the key for decrypting the Firmware file? Ok Upload modified Firmware please!!

  • which version of fwtool did you use?

  • any update here?

    sony released sdk of their sony a7iii, a7riii, a9ii i hope make changes for the language hack

  • sony a1 a7c a7m3 a7r3 a7m4 a7r4 fx3 ZV-E10 ZV1 A6100 A6400 A6600 RX100M6 RX100M7 Add English menu (VK - will be removed very soon!)

  • @haixian

    Note that you again try to push here commercial service.

    Selling such a thing is criminal.