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Kipon Canon EF to Nikon Z adapter
  • World first "CANIKON" autofocus adapter from KIPON would be exhibited at CP+2019 YOKOHAMA in Japan

    This adapter allows using Canon EF,EF-S,Sigma EF mount,Tamron EF mount lenses on new Nikon Z mount fullframe cameras, and even has full working autofocus functions.


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  • Kipon have unveiled the World's first "CANIKON" autofocus adapter, which will be exhibited at the CP+ 2019 show in Japan this week (starts 28th February).

    This adapter will allow Canon EF, EF-S, Sigma EF mount and Tamron EF mount lenses to be mounted on the new Nikon Z mount full-frame mirrorless cameras, complete with autofocusing.

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    693 x 444 - 29K