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Capitalism: Skynet already won
  • If you did not notice - defective form of Skynet already won the fight with real humans.

    Look at youtube - lot of people making videos without any reason, just to appeal algorithm. And algorithms want just more of the same.
    Talk about smartphones? Make sure to talk about Apple, Samsung is worse, Xiaomi also will do. But do not attempt to go outside mainstream without big audience, algorithm does not like this.

    Look at any text reviews or help articles. All of them now being written not for human beings - but for Google keywords. You now have lot of very similar artificial sounding sentences with lots of repeats and all of them spread evenly across article.

    Google search algorithms also works the same as Youtube - they suggest already popular stuff and most popular sites, less chance for error, more profits for ads.

    As one of the articles I recently referenced told - ideally all the links search engine must present must consist of hard porn, but as it is still prohibited it needs to find optimal set that is closes to this.

    Some this is all converging process, it ends on one site only with big fat farting asshole endless video with ad breaks featuring Kim Kardashian.

    Proper way it seems is to back off from algorithms usage in many areas and get back to very complex human managed schemes.
    Unfortunately it is also not possible until you have profits maximization set as your own goal aka capitalism around.

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  • Although i dont fully agree with you personal view which is very normally we are not all the same i fully agree on this. I don't fully understand and maybe you even don't but it's really happening. It would be very cool to talk about this say 20 years from now on.

  • @garroulus

    It would be very cool to talk about this say 20 years from now on

    If this shit will continue I am not sure it'll be too much guys left to talk about this in 20 years.

  • Yes indeed i was kind of ironic here

  • I use Bing since one gets awarded microsoft points for web searches. Google/Youtube seems to be hopelessly spammed now

  • @robertGL

    Bing is just horrible horror if you try it to any non common field (in my limited experience). And algorithms foundation is all the same since Google dominance started, Bing just seems to be made by people who could not find waiters work at Google.

    One guy I talked around 2 years ago told me that 70% of Bing traffic is from people who did not changed (not have no idea how to do it) default search engine and still use Edge or IE and another 30% is corporate traffic where it is prohibited to change engine :-).

    Google/Youtube seems to be hopelessly spammed now

    They are not spammed, they are driven by "smart" algorithms.

  • You have to chop away at bing sometimes to get where you need to go, but each additional search brings additional microsoft points until the daily limit, so it works out for me

  • @robertGL

    You mean it is ala flight miles? As it reaches 1000 Windows format system drive and it all starts over again?

  • Haha yes kindof like airline miles but it's tied to your microsoft account. You can redeem them for lots of things, including 5$ giftcards (amazon, wal-mart, fast food) in 5250 point increments.. You can either farm the poins by devoting 5-10 minutes per day doing frivolous searches and paraticipating in quizes, but I just set bing as my default browser search engine. It's free currency for browsing - not too intolerable if you're patient

  • Startpage search engine...

    Search engines like...StartPage do not collect and share information from your web queries with advertisers

  • is privately held by Startpage BV, a Dutch inc. and has been profitable since 2004.

    What is the source of profits?

  • Ecosia. It takes roughly 45 searches to plant a tree.

  • @matthere


    How about chrome extension that track all your Google/Youtube searches and as you make at least 10 modern trends related searches it shows you real live video of kitten being killed?

  • Ecosia has planted over 50 million trees so far.. I'd rather that than some of the alternatives.