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Panasonic S1 FF Camera - copy of Nikon Z6
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  • 4K/60p is a 1:1 crop of Super 35mm. Only the 4K/30/25 and 24p are full frame (full pixel readout from 6K).

    As I told.

  • Little secret about "best viewfinder on the market" - it can be LCoS


    So, in reality it is 5.76/3 = 1,92Mp viewfinder.

    EOSHD: It’s very good! Compared to the same EVF in 60fps mode. Far less smearing, far less blur. Is it an OLED?

    TT: It’s LCOS.

    EOSHD: Isn’t LCOS a Sony technology?

    TT: (Discussion in Japanese) – Not Sony!

    All other sites report official info about OLED EVF.

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  • My source told that it had been discussed how to hide very bad thermal management, 15 minutes limit for S1R is one measure, 30 minute for S1 is another. They specially made it confusing with EU laws to hide thermal issues.

    Moving most heavy mode into paid option is also from same set.

    He also told that all close circle reviewers and all ambassadors will be specially warned to go around this thing or face serious measures otherwise.

    Cameras have few other serious issues related to video Panasonic will try to hide, stay tuned.

  • One thing: Panasonic says that the comunication between the chipset and the sensor for DFD calculations is 480fps. There is a FF Sony sensor with this refresh rate?

  • @MarcioK

    Note - it can mean ANYTHING. For example 480fps can mean command rate for lens.
    Also, all this high rates for focus and DFD apply ONLY for stills shooter as they are active before shot.
    For video it is standard - if you shoot at 24fps - it'll be all 24fps.

  • Panasonic’s new pro-grade cameras aren’t perfect. Its continuous shooting speeds of 9 FPS (or 6 FPS with continuous AF) is just average for a high-end camera. But what’s even stranger is that for some reason, unlike the Nikon Z6, the 24-MP Lumix S1 crops down to APS-C while shooting video. The S1R gets a full sensor readout. However, Panasonic says that due to its slightly better low-light sensitivity and features like V-Log and HEVC recording (which the S1R doesn’t get), the S1 should be the better camera for dedicated videographers. Meanwhile, the S1R is being billed as a no-compromise camera focused on delivering excellent photo and video capture.

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    Panasonic did one better than its rivals by building the S1 and S1R with two memory card slots. Weirdly, one is SD UHS type II and one is XQD, so you'll need to carry two types of cards, but at least you can have a backup. That will be a bit awkward, though, because XQD is a lot faster than UHS II, with max speeds at 440 MB/s compared to 300 MB/s. That differential will get even larger when Panasonic adds support for 1,400 MB/s CFexpress cards in a future firmware update.

    I had been told that we can see some form of RAW with such update also.

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  • I was just watching the BHPhoto video and they mention that this will use VLog and not VLogL, which should allow for the full dynamic range of the sensor. I hope this is true. That's my biggest complaint with the GH5/s line. See the mention here at 4:28.

  • About the CDAF performance on the Panasonic S1's (source, the above video).

    Panasonic S1.jpg
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  • @EspenB This guy is totally right, Panasonic only had to do a GH5 full frame with phase detect auto focus! But nooo, they had to screw the very good GH5 free angle display and use the same crappy CDAF that literally sucks! Please excuse my language but that's the sad truth. :(

    This time I say NO to Panasonic, I whon't spend my money ever again on any of their new cameras until they release products with a VERY GOOD PDAF!

  • @EspenB yes Best video about S1 so far :)

    BTW Im kind of sorry for Panasonic "Ambassadors" now. It will be difficult to not lie for them and then still trust them after this realise.

  • @konjow

    You should never trust in anything related to firms they represent, ever.

  • I'm so glad we are finally returning to big, heavy, chunky, expensive cameras that overheat and have big, heavy expensive lenses.
    (Adds another G85 to the fleet and bolts the $25 Rokkor 50/1.4 onto the front)

  • @DrDave

    I have the draft theory. Japanese managers are so afraid of smartphones that they try to ax anything that looks similar to them or weight not so much. They want to distance themselves and their product as far as they can. Can be some instinctive thing. Look at the Olympus, they managed to do same even with m43. Or may be it is some contagious virus.

  • @vitaliy I dont. I just trying to think from their perspective How far they need to "sell them-self" with same products..

  • @vitaliy

    I'm certain you meant contagious parasite, not virus.


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  • @vitaliy

    Special note I never made before - stay away from doing any preorders for both Panasonic S cameras. Keep calm.

    Haha, your special notes are very memorable! Infamous Vitaliy citation from page 1 of GH5 thread...

    Buy Samsung NX1 and become calm, calm, calm :-)


  • I like his tshirt :)

  • @konjow Me too, especially from the right image that's most of the time in focus. :)