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Capitalism: Red forced Atomos to pay good money for patents, from your pocket
  • Atomos and RED are pleased to announce a royalty based licence agreement., LLC and Atomos Ltd have reached an agreement in relation to Atomos’ use of some of RED’s intellectual property.

    CEO of Atomos, Jeromy Young, said, “Atomos and RED are now further aligned to make more advanced video recording technology more affordable with no compromise to creative freedom. RED have always been at the forefront of digital cinema technology and propelled the industry forward at an astounding rate. We are excited to be able to now work closely with RED, not only by utilising some of their key intellectual property, but in joining forces with them on future products.”

    In the process of negotiating Atomos’ licence to use RED’s intellectual property, the companies recognised that there is significant opportunity for them to enhance the integration of their product lines to produce what they both expect to be trail-blazing new camera recording systems. While the two companies have for many years worked together, this next phase of the relationship will be one to watch out for.

    President of RED Digital Cinema, Jarred Land, said, “We welcome the new relationship with Atomos and feel that their innovation combined with our patented technology should fuel broader adoption of 4k and above, content creation. We are looking forward to what the future holds for our partnership.”

    Patents must die. Period. If owners won't agree - they'll go with patents way.

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  • As I told, RED is bully going around and BM is not raw to avoid this bully

    Zaxcam is same bully in sound.

    Most horrible how in capitalism people do not trust each other and can't join to put Red where it belong for quite long - into past. As without their patents and paid agreements company won't make it even for 6 months.

  • @chopnshoot

    This agreement will made this solution 10-25% more expensive per device.

    I expect some developments soon from Chinese side, as few manufacturers just wait trade war to unwind more so under the clouds they could start mass breaking RED patents and openly steal so called "intellectual property". We can even see updates to cameras that will make their output format fully compatible with RED output. meaning that we can soon see fully fragmented market with RED holding Americas and partly EU and being thrown out of all else countries.

  • From the sound of it I didn’t miss anything. If you have ever shot with the red camera that you know using the red mags sucks and they’re crazy expensive. If this is a cheaper solution to the vet at least I’m excited. If this also means we can get raw video out of more cameras I don’t see the problem.

  • @chopnshoot

    You miss a lot.

    Red prevented raw usage for long time using lot of extremely questionable patents (one of them protects any raw video in general).

    Apple ProRes raw become possible after Red cameras suddenly appeared in Apple store and Apple started mentioning them at the events.

    BM raw format is not much raw at all and for now made to go around Red patents, but even BM try to first touch the water before making it available for more mass cameras.

    Situation with Atomos is similar, Red pushed and threatened them (of course publically they tell otherwise).

    No such thing as "intellectual property" exist, if thing is useful it is called "contribution to society knowledge" and in this case it is "artificially made obstacle made by gang solely to threaten passing society members".

  • This was inevitable with the rise of raw video. This is a good thing unless I’m missing something.