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  • Sony will have an official press conference and product announcement day on January 7 at 5pm Las Vegas time. Sony’s focus will be on unveiling a full 8K platform which includes:

    • 8K Television/CLEDIS
    • 8K Laser projector
    • 8K camera/camcorder
    • 8K postprocessing platform
  • Definitely interested in being on the team!

  • Press day will be covered by CNET also

  • LG Electronics (LG) will be bringing to next month’s CES 2019 in Las Vegas a line of “Ultra” PC monitors featuring “ultra-wide” aspect ratios and what the company terms “UltraGear” enhanced gaming.

    The new monitors include the 49-inch LG UltraWide 49WL95C with a 32:9 wide aspect ratio positioned for graphics and business users looking to boost productivity through multi-tasking, and the 38-inch LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor 38GL950G that is said to have advanced picture quality and fast response time for immersive and competitive gaming experiences.

    Pricing and availability will be announced later.

  • MOZA Newest accessory Moin Light will be released in January, 2019. The one light with waterproof and Intelligent Wireless Control function.


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  • Overall, more than 4,500 exhibitors have signed up to show their wares in the 2.75 million square feet of space at CES’s three major venues in Las Vegas (Tech East, Tech West and Tech South, all of which include multiple buildings), CTA’s Chupka said. Floor space and the expected attendee roster of more than 180,000 people are “tracking ahead of last year,” Chupka added. About one-third of attendees are based outside the United States, and CTA’s tally shows that 65,000 people carry a “senior-level executive” title.

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    Sony is expected to take advantage of CES 2019 to unveil its first two 8K TVs. The Japanese manufacturer should focus on two models of very large sizes: 82 and 98 inches.

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  • AMD and Nvidia

    AMD Will Be Launching The Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs, APUs And A Radeon GPU At CES

    Nvidia will present RTX 2060, GTX 1160 Ti, GTX 1150 and GTX 1150 Ti

    Most probably all cards will be presented at CES.

  • Nvidia press event


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  • More on flexible screens

    Royole Corporation, a leading innovator and manufacturer of next-generation human-machine interface technologies and products, including advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors, and smart devices, will be showcasing its full line of industry-leading fully flexible display and flexible sensor technologies at the upcoming CES® 2019. These advanced technologies are part of the company's Flexible+ platform, and are ideal for numerous applications in a variety of product categories, including Consumer Electronics, Sports & Fashion, Office & Education, Smart Home, and Robotics.

    In addition to highlighting these categories, the company will be demonstrating, for the first time at CES, its groundbreaking fully flexible displays. The live demos will underline the virtually limitless possibilities for flexible electronics technologies, including a look at the world's first commercial smartphone with a flexible display, FlexPai, a first-of-its-kind flexible display integration with high-definition fashion wearables – including a top hat and shirt, and its RoWrite Smart Writing Pad, designed to accurately create, capture, store, and share all manner of real-time, conventionally written material on standard paper for digital application.

    "Royole's Flexible+ technologies have squarely put us in a leadership position in today's ever-evolving consumer technology industry," stated Royole's Senior Director of Marketing, Michael Williams. "We are currently working with over 220 business partners worldwide to implement flexible displays and sensors in a variety of products that will reshape the world of consumer technologies. The total number of improved consumer experiences is restricted only by our imaginations, and that is the very essence of the Royole Flexible+ platform."

  • Samsung rollable TV



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  • Moza


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  • LG TVs PR

    SEOUL, Jan. 3, 2019 — LG Electronics (LG) is taking the home entertainment experience to new heights with the introduction of its latest flagship TVs with ThinQ AI at CES 2019. Powered by the company’s second-generation α (Alpha) 9 Gen 2 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm, the new models offer a higher level of AI picture and sound experience quality. Thanks to the new algorithm, LG’s TVs will offer enhanced picture and sound by analyzing source content as well as optimized content by recognizing ambient conditions.

    Employing LG’s open smart platform, LG’s 2019 TV range provides access to a wide selection of popular artificial intelligence services across multiple platforms, including newly implemented Amazon Alexa in addition to the built-in Google Assistant. Users will also enjoy the ease of conversational voice recognition and an intuitive Home Dashboard that makes it possible to control a wide variety of smart home devices directly from the TV.

    The α9 Gen 2 employed in LG’s Z9, W9, E9 and C9 series OLED TVs heightens picture and sound quality with its deep learning algorithm (developed from a vast database of over one million visual data) which recognizes content source quality and determines the best upgrade method for optimal visual output. LG’s 8K 88-inch Z9 OLED TV boasts higher processing capabilities for delivering the most realistic 8K picture quality that looks sharp, vivid and detailed thanks to 8K upscaling and improved noise reduction.

    In addition to content source detection, the new processor finely adjusts the tone mapping curve in accordance with ambient conditions to offer optimized screen brightness, leveraging its ability to understand how the human eye perceives images in different lighting. The processor uses the TV’s ambient light sensor to measure light levels, automatically adjusting brightness to compensate as needed. The α9 Gen 2 AI can further refine HDR content by adjusting the brightness to transform even the darkest scenes into ones with incredible contrast, detail and depth of color, even in brightly-lit rooms. And by leveraging Dolby’s latest imaging innovation which intelligently adjusts Dolby Vision content, LG TVs deliver a compelling HDR experience under varying ambient light.

    Sound quality is augmented by an intelligent algorithm that can up-mix two-channel audio to deliver convincing virtual 5.1 surround sound. The α9 Gen 2 optimizes output based on content type, making voices clearer in movies, dramas and news broadcasts, among others. Users can adjust sound settings to suit room conditions or let their LG TV intelligently set the perfect levels based on its positioning. What’s more, LG’s flagship TVs again feature Dolby Atmos to create incredibly realistic sound for more immersive entertainment.

    First available on 2018 TVs with ThinQ AI, the Google Assistant is again built-in this year’s lineup, delivering a streamlined experience that allows users to manage daily tasks, find answers and control compatible smart home devices. Users won’t need to grab a phone to order pizza as they can do it on the TV without leaving the program that’s playing on the screen.

    This year, LG is expanding its AI partnerships to include Amazon Alexa in 2019 TVs with ThinQ AI to give customers more flexibility when it comes to voice services. By pressing the Amazon Prime Video button on the Magic Remote, users can manage smart home devices, ask questions and access tens of thousands of skills and even set up their ideal Alexa Routine complete with wake-up call, traffic information and favorite TV channel switching all with their voice. LG 2019 TVs with ThinQ AI also feature visually rich Alexa experiences when playing music, checking the weather or accessing one of a number of visually-enhanced skills – such as the Food Network – to find great recipes and meal inspiration. It’s just as easy to keep the family organized, check orders on Amazon or take that long overdue trip to Down Under by saying, “Kayak, book a room on the Gold Coast.”

    And with the new conversational voice recognition feature that comes in LG’s 2019 TVs with ThinQ AI, it’s easier than ever to get the right answers. By understand context, the TVs allow for more complex requests meaning users won’t have to make a series of repetitive commands to get the desired results. The service will be available on LG TVs with ThinQ AI in over 140 countries.

    The α9 Gen 2 also powers the company’s 2019 flagship 75-inch 8K LCD TV (model SM99). LG’s 2019 premium LCD TVs lineup (SM9X and SM8X series) will be rolled out with a new name: NanoCell TV, to better highlight the picture enhancement provided by NanoCell technology (NanoColor), color accuracy in wide viewing angle (NanoAccuracy) and ultra-narrow thin bezel with sleek design (NanoBezel). LG’s NanoCell TVs also offer AI-enhanced picture and sound, powered by a deep learning algorithm, as well as the streamlined experience offered by ThinQ.

    And through the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 ports, all 2019 OLED TVs and selected NanoCell TVs with ThinQ AI will support high frame rate (HFR). The result is smoother and clearer motion at 120 frames per second for better rendering of fast-action content such as sports and action movies. Support for enhanced audio return channel (eARC) enables home theater enthusiasts to seamlessly utilize HDMI connectivity and enjoy the highest quality audio formats available with superb detail and depth. An excellent option for gamers, the new TVs are compatible with variable refresh rate (VRR) as well as automatic low latency mode (ALLM) which helps deliver a clean image, without stutter or tearing.

    Visitors to CES 2019 from January 8-11 are encouraged to visit booth #11100 of the Las Vegas Convention Center for a closer look at the LG’s 2019 TVs with ThinQ AI.

  • AMD


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  • Quick standardization of TV platforms happening, Philips will move to Android TV only

    Philips 4K UHD Android TV 5704 and 5904 will be showed at CES.

    Android 8.0 Oreo based

    from 43" up to 75" models.


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  • Samsung new monitors

    Samsung's Space Monitor

    The 27-inch model features QHD resolution, while the 32-model offers 4K UHD, and you can feed all of your cables through the arm to keep them organized and out of the way.


    Samsung CRG9 super ultra-wide monitor

    The CRG9 features a 120Hz refresh rate, dual QHD resolution, HDR10 and a peak brightness of 1,000 nits.

    Third is UR59C 32-inch monitor

    3840x2160 4K UHD resolution, 6.7mm deep.

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  • Some stuff which seems to not happen at CES:

    • DJI might not show the rumored 700 USD Pro remote (with built in LCD) for the Mavic2 after all due to production problems.

    • Panasonic might hold back FF camera details until press event in late january.

  • @EspenB

    May be.

    Panasonic most probably present some new consumer camcorders with 4K and 60fps.

  • Canon to announce VIXIA HF G50.

  • "Preview LUMIX S at CES 2019":

    I guess by preview there is still no official pricing or full spec?

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  • Insta360


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  • Nikon events



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