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New Sony APS-C sensors - IMX510 and IMX571CQJ
  • IMX510 sensor brief specs

    • Effective pixel 32MP (3:2 APS-C)
    • Total Pixel 40MP
    • 3.45um Pixel Size
    • 16Bit ADC
    • SLVS-EC
      • 6930×4620/10.23fps/16Bit
      • 6930×4620/24.02fps/14Bit
      • 6930×4620/60.05fps/11Bit
    • embedded DRAM

    IMX571CQJ sensor brief specs

    • 26MP APS-C sensor
    • Low power dual gain ISO100/640
    • Vertical low-pass filter
    • On-chip PDAF
    • 16/14bit stills
    • 30fps black-out free live view + AE/AF
    • 4-lane SLVS-EC
    • Video mode with vertical binning/line-skipping
      • 6240×1170/3:1/120fps/10Bit
      • 6240×1755/2:1/60fps/11Bit
      • 6240×3510/1:1/30fps/11Bit
    • X-OCN Still Picture Format:
      • 16Bit Compressed RAW
      • XT Profile: 15MB
      • ST Profile: 10MB
      • LT Profile: 5MB
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  • Special note about SLVS-EC

    As Sony transfer all sensors to their proprietary interface we can seen see most companies stopping making their own LSI.

    And we will see only offers of sensor+LSI packages from Sony soon. Such move is expected to rise profits 3x times compared to sensor only.

  • ~7k at 24 or 60 fps in a mass market sensor is pretty exciting.