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Sony A7s III, 4K 60p and FHD 240p, announcement soon
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  • @aldolega

    It'll have 60fps at 4K recording, just not so good as external one.

    • The development of α7sⅢ has been postponed because of heat issue.
    • α7sⅢ will have stacked CMOS sensor but the sensor is different to α9’s.
    • α7sⅢ will be sold in 2019’s early.

    A7S III did not come not because of heat. And early 2019 seems little strange, as it is lowest sales season.

  • Heat issue?, very weird in a Sony. Lol :p

  • Yup. SAR predicts releases of the A7S III about as often as Christian Cults predict the end of the world... and with about as much accuracy.

    One year later, still no sign of it!

  • Yes, but they only have to be correct that one time :o)

  • It's likely that Sony are feeding the leaks to SAR for a combination of taking the steam from competitors' announcements as well as to gauge customer interest level. There have been rumors for a while now that they have a completed A7s III, but are sitting on it since there's not really a lot of competition in the space as well as minimal low light improvements over the II.

  • One of my sources told that reason of camera announcement postponing is same RED attack that BM is having now.

    Red did not agree for camera to have raw mode and asked astronomical payments (up to $250 per one camera).

  • a7sⅢ will be announced in summer (before October.) Camera have new memory stacked sensor. My source says this sensor is great innovation and changes the game. Probably Global shutter?

    There will be no “hint” of the a7sIII on April 7. My friend at Sony told me we will see nothing until earliest this Fall.


  • Sony A7sIII in autumn: This camera will exceed customers expectations (so said Sony). I don’t expect it to have 8K. It will have a higher resolution sensor and 4k60p for sure.

    Guys I talked said that actual announcement can be only September-October, not sooner.

  • In order for this camera to become as popular and breakthrough as the A7S and A7SII, serious fundamental improvements must be added to it. My personal opinion is that not all technologies are ready for this.

  • Sony-IMX435AQJ-1.jpg
    1283 x 1841 - 282K
  • Will it also feature an integrated coffee maker and be able to float in the air if I don't have a tripod?

  • A7S3 will support: ProRes Raw + ProRes RawHQ

    This is probable.

    Do not have any good source at Sony besides some dealers, but looking at the industry development we can expect similar things from ALL major players. Only thing that stops them are very high license payments that Apple and Red want (part of ProRes Raw license price goes to Red)

  • Sony China confirmed in this interview that a new A7s camera is in development

    1. The Sony A7sII successor now records 4k120p
    2. It does NOT record 8K
    3. The camera has a cooling vent on the back


    Last item seems right as 8K will be reserved for flagman that will compete with Nikon Z1 camera:-)