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Panasonic G9, m43 4K monster with LCD on top
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  • Very good video IQ for for this price.
    Anyone know if there is a way to hack the video time limit by accessing the service menu like on the G7?

  • Firmware update

  • In a word ... No! Although why anyone would want to use auto anything on professional shoots is beyond me.

  • Because the camera is on a gimbal.

    Because they are working with relatively shallow depth-of-field and actors who move around a lot.

    Because they are filming themselves.

    ... or any of about 10,000 other reasons that your ignorant statements ignore.

  • Manual focus, manual white balance, manual iris. Very shallow DOF is un-natural, it's not he way we see the world - fine for cutaway shots but not for main shots. Why the hell would you use a dslr style camera for "video selfies" anyway?

    Not being ignorant, just have over 30 years experience in broadcasting - not much autofocus being used on Doctor Who or Children In Need or Strictly or Casualty or any other BBC drama.

  • I think if you thought outside the box you live in you could figure it out. Hint you won't find to many dslr cameras on those sets either. Also keep in mind the word professional means you get paid nothing more that includes many types of work in the video world.

  • Energy80s, seriously, you sound extremely ignorant and arrogant every time you say that nobody needs autofocus.

    Ever shoot a wedding or other event? Autofocus can be pretty handy when you're trying to capture something in a bunch of chaotic action.

    How about a documentary where you're trying to follow somebody around while they talk to you about something?

    Why would people use a "dslr style camera" for "video selfies?" Have you been on youtube lately? What do you think most of the big youtubers are using.

    Been on an independent film set lately? It's great that big productions have a bunch of people to move lights, time for rehearsals/numerous takes, and focus pullers. Now imagine that you have none of those things and you're shooting with less-experienced actors and you only get this location for 4 hours because your buddy's friend who owns the bar/restaurant/office/house is doing you a solid by letting you use the space for free.
    I was just helping a friend shoot some stuff the other day in an office space. The camera was in manual focus about 95% of the time, but there were a couple of shots where autofocus was useful since I wasn't certain the actors would nail their marks within the 6-8" of critical depth-of-field I had so I turned it on. The camera nailed face focus every time and I'm not sure that I would have.

  • Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Mirrorless Micro 4/3s Digital Camera Body for $999

  • I can get it quite cheap now. How much worst is it for video in practice then GH5? Does it do 10bit internally? AF etc? BTW is there any panasonic doing 14 bit Raws so far?

  • No - The G9 does not do 10bit internally. 8bit only. The camera only records in .mp4, not .mov. There is a 30min record limit. The G9 uses the same sensor and the picture is on par with the GH5. No V-Log. The cameras match well.

    The AF works better than the GH5. The viewfinder is better. The internal stabilizer is better. The G9 is a real bargain compared to the GH5 if you don’t need it’s extra features.

  • There"s a video on youtube where a russian guy overrides the 30 (and the 10) min limiti entering the Permanent Service Menu. The european versions will retain the 30 min limit ar 25p, but increase to 30 min when awitched to 50p.. All the other versions seem to work without limit.

  • @halfmac Yes, I was nearly going to buy a G9 a couple of months ago when the last Panasonic cashback offer was running, but decided on the GH5 as I really wanted the 6K video shooting facility and long recording times. But if you are primarily a stills shooter and just record occassional video clips, then the G9 would be the better buy at the moment.

  • Panasonic Lumix G9 Mirrorless Camera Black w/Leica DG 12-60/2.8-4 Lens W/ACC KIT, $1897

  • New Firmware Version 1.3

    1. Improved compatibility with the Panasonic LEICA DG VARIO-SUMMILUX 10-25mm / F1.7 ASPH. (H-X1025) digital interchangeable lens.
      • Smooth aperture control is available during video recording.
      • [Aperture Ring Increment] has been added with which users can choose the control method of the aperture ring from [SMOOTH] or [1/3EV] in photo shooting.
    2. Improved compatibility with the Panasonic Remote Shutter DMW-RS2.
      • The video REC switch on the Remote Shutter can be disabled in the camera’s custom menu.

  • I only discovered the unlimited time override a couple days ago, and I'm very happy about that! Unlimited recording time was the one thing missing from the G9 for me, and now I have it.

    @halfmac, to be clear, the G9 does have 10-bit H.265 200 Mbps video, if you use 6K photo mode. Set it to 3:2 aspect ratio and you get a video which is the full resolution of the sensor horizontally. You can crop out the top and bottom of the video. Of course, it's only in 30p, but I'm fine with that.

    Also, I confirmed that the unlimited time bypass also works in 6K photo mode!