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Boya BY-WFM12 Wireless Microphone
    • Compatible for Smartphone, Tablet, DSLR, Camcorder, Audio Recorder, PC etc.
    • 12 switchable channels to keep you free from interference,
    • High-band VHF operation for superior sound
    • Two MIC jacks for transmitter,
    • Automatic matching
    • Volume control wheel,
    • Detachable and flexible antenna with rotating 360° function
    • Operation range up to 40m (131 feet), without obstacles,
    • Powered by two AA size alkaline batteries for both Receiver and Transmitter

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  • The BOYA BY-WFM12 is kind of interesting for being VHF and digital. (At least they say it uses DQPSK modulation, which is digital. I have no way to verify that.) Other VHF mics are almost all cheap analog systems. Where I am in the USA, UHF TV channels are entirely occupied by TV broadcasters, and I can't get a microphone license for other UHF bands. So I'm left looking at 2.4 GHz solutions and VHF mics. This BOYA operates on any of 12 selectable 180 kHz channels with center frequencies of 204.0 MHz up to 215.0 MHz in 1.0 MHz increments. 204 MHz and 210 MHz are notable because they fit right between TV channels 11 & 12 and 12 & 13. With the narrow 180 kHz bandwidth, in theory they should work just fine even with nearby TV broadcasts on the neighboring channels.

    The BOYA is not a frequency-hopping agile system like the RodeLink. It's just digital transmission on a single narrow channel. So it might be susceptible to interference, depending on what kind of forward error correction and power levels they are using. The output power is 5.5 mW, according to the FCC filing.

    The transmitter has two mic inputs. It's not clear if these inputs are mixed or kept separate.

    There's absolutely no information about sampling rates or depth, audio coding, bit rate, or noise. My expectations for audio quality would be low. It sells for $100.

  • @balazer

    On 11.11 could get for $81 at :-)

    I talked to Boya guys and some who used it - quality is good. They use some new chipset. And it is much safer area compared to 2.4Ghz.

    If you have any mass venue with lot of people - it can be bad, real bad. Especially now with all wireless headphones and smart watches craze.

  • Don't get these for use in the UK as 204MHz and above is used for DAB radio transmissions, so you will either suffer interference from high powered broadcast services ... or interfere with local receivers for high powered radio broadcasts!

  • @Energy80s

    Can ask their dealer in UK, they must have slightly different frequencies in this case. Or they do not sell it in UK at all for now.

    And don't care so much for DAB broadcasts. :-)

  • It's under $80 now on eBay - lowest price I've seen. Still haven't seen any reviews for this and I haven't bought one myself. Vitaliy, FYI, the model number is wrong in the topic title.

  • Any idea how many hours does it stays on? Or before we need to change batteries?