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GH5 - impossible to unlock VLOG?
  • I remember the GH2 and Ptool hacks back in the day. With all the great features built into modern cameras like the GH5 there is less of a need for hacks, but it is curious that no one has hacked the GH5 to enable VLOG. Is that because it is impossible to enable VLOG using a firmware hack, or because no one has sufficient interest in creating a hack?

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  • At first, because no one hacked any GH5 stuff.

    At second, even if someone made some GH5 hack, because it is illegal due to idiotic capitalist rules. As it is paid option.

  • You can now get the V Log L update for free when you purchase the GH5:

    Body only:

    Body + V Log L activation:

    Same price. And it is not a mistake. Delivered in the box with the camera (you still have to install).

    If you shoot handheld, the GH5 completely dominates the BMPCC 4K, which is useless for handheld - fixed lcd so you have to hold it awkwardly and only one way and terrible stabilization even with OIS lenses and none without, so forget wide angle lenses. AF even worse. I do not think there is any tiny storage device on earth that can take the uncompressed RAW; practically it shoots ProRes 422 HQ, which is good but not so much better than Panasonic All-I 400 Mbps H264 on the GH5 (but I digress).

  • And as of May 2019, that vLog L activation link is no longer found. (just shows you the first link as a redirect).