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Lens Mount Identification
  • I'm reaching a dead end trying to figure out what kind of lens mount this is. The lens is a Sigma 24mm f2.8 manual focus that I picked up on Amazon. The seller is unsure what mount it is and I've researched a ton of websites to no avail. I know a few mounts that it isn't because I own adapters for Minolta MD, Canon FD and Konica AR and none of them fit. Hoping someone might recognize it. Trying to buy an appropriate adapter to fit my gh2, thanks a lot!

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    looks very similar to a Nikon F mount. but that is just speculation. Check image. Seems very similar.

  • I think it's PK-mount (Pentax K mount). Could you attach a photo from straight above the mount?

  • Thanks a lot guys, it does look a bit like a Nikon F mount or possibly the Pentax K mount. Here is an overhead view of it, sorry for the reflection. On the outer casing of the lens (the black metal or plastic part) there is a lip that protrudes..noticeable in the first pic at about 3 o clock (outside the red dot). It appears that an adapter cannot be flat on the surface where it meets this lens mount, it looks like it would have to have these grooves around the edge to accommodate it.

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  • it's a nikon F ais mount.

  • Here is a webpage to help identifying lens mounts :

  • Thanks Patvig for that link. I did find that webpage previous to posting this, but for some reason didn't look carefully enough at that pic of the Nikon F looks like it is definitely the Nikon F mount as Teki mentioned. Thanks a lot to order an adapter.

  • You are going to love that lens I think!

  • Also, is the focus of the lens "reversed"? If so, it's definitely a Nikon mount.

  • I hope so Peter, I can't wait to get it on my camera and check it out.

  • Gabel, I'm pretty sure it rotates in the standard fashion, not opposite.

  • I have a similar problem:

    Amazon sent me the wrong mount for my Sigma 10-20 [and since I'm in Australia i can't return it]. Local photo shop drew a blank. My PK adapter "seems" to accept it mechanically only. In the meantime I've ordered another 10-20 from Japan. (Sigma>SIgma).

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  • That Sigma 10-20 is Nikon F-mount.

  • Thanks! I'll go see my Nikon guy

  • Specifically, it's an AF-S mount" "AF-S — Autofocus-Silent. Uses a "Silent Wave Motor" (SWM) (ultrasonic motor) to focus quietly and quickly. Similar to Canon's "USM" technology. Introduced in 1996"

    I'm going to have to sell it. I'll ask locally first. In Australia.