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25-100mm T2.9 Laowa OOOM Cine Lightweight Zoom
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  • @pureaxis you mean the Konica 35-100mm f2.8, not as wide & varifocal.

  • you can just buy a konica 28-100mm f2.8 for less than 200 bucks and that lens is full frame

  • (skip to 4:30)

    Just for reference, used vintage Cooke & Angenieux Zooms in this range go for much less than $10,000.
    (I'm referring to the Cooke 18-100, Cooke 20-100, Angenieux 20-120) If ever I get a chance to test & compare all of them in the near future...!!!

  • Thanks Igor and team, but that's the wrong lens description card!

  • Our photo from Photokina, thanks to Igor and our team


    800 x 572 - 79K
  • As it is from Venus Optics it has got to be "cheap"

    If it is US$1K then I'd buy it!! But probably more like US$3K is my guess

    Which if I was still camera dept focused, then I'd probably do it? But no way I could justify that now

    I've noticed URSA Mini 4.6K PL (NOT Pro) sells for a lot cheaper than the EF version

    Exactly because of this cost factor of PL lenses

    But I reckon if you pair it with this lens plus a Chinese converted Sigma 18-35mm (the f1.8 then has you covered for low light, & the 18mm has you covered for wiiide. The two areas this lens lacks) you'd be sorted

    Although of course here I am talking with my business hat on rather than my artist hat

    We don't even know how the lens looks yet

    Just I know 25-100mm T2.9 lightweight zoom would be hella practical for many low to mid level budget shoots

    Even TV series shoot (with budgets per hour far higher than I've ever managed as DP!) on zooms! Because it is what is economical

    And it is on exactly zoom ranges like this. Perhaps with something like a 16-40mm Optimo on the other camera. You'd do 16mm and 25mm for the wide establishments , then punch in to 40mm and 80mm for the close up coverage

  • It is good reason they want to go into this niche.

    Cinema zooms share top margin position with large aperture primes.

    • Focal Length 25-100mm
    • Max. Aperture t/2.9
    • Min. Aperture t/22
    • Angle of View 18° (100mm) – 64° (25m)
    • Format Compatibility Super35
    • Lens Structure 20 elements 16 groups
    • Aperture Blades 9
    • Min. Focusing Distance 60cm
    • Max. Magnification 1:4
    • Filter Thread –
    • Dimensions TBC
    • Weight ~2.5kg
    • Mounts PL
  • apsc only though, the range is good for portraits and interviews I guess

  • Will it have swappable mounts so you can use it across a wide range of cameras? And of course most importantly.... price?

  • Well I guess it doesnt have VR and electronics since it's a proper cine lens. Mount could be a pl

  • Price, Availability, # Blades, Mounts, any electronics or VR... small little details may help, but sounds interesting enough