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BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
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  • Here's what I could see as the real conflict here. Videos from third parties pre-release. The footage John and others shot for BMD is really no different from paying an ad agency to film them an ad as far as the output of it goes. It even has the BMD logo shown at the end, it's released officially by BMD. It IS advertising. They obviously got people they knew would do a good job in for it. Likewise, Canon for their EOS R release could produce some sample clips working with videographers and officially release them as samples and say this is our marketing for the camera, when it releases buy it.

    The issue might be when say, they give the cameras out in Hawaii and now there are 15 people out there in the world, who are releasing videos but NOT as official Canon marketing but have exclusive access to the camera that is as yet not on the market. All the videos and content they generate is not fair in a competitive sense to other publications that did not get access to the camera. In addition there's always going to be some question of bias inherent since they got privileged access that others did not. That does not mean that everyone who went to the event and got a camera IS biased and is "shilling" but it does open it to the possibility.

    In the case of the Canon EOS R, they gave the cameras to attendees to use for 6 weeks and then they have to return the camera. At least in the US if a company actually sends you goods to keep it is considered taxable income. You report it on your tax forms and they take a cut of the value. That's why most companies don't just send expensive products to reviewers to keep but send them for a while and then take them back. There's a lot of value in that exclusive early access though that realistically probably has a cash value.

  • @johnbrawley

    There are restrictions on alcohol and tobacco advertising because they are proven to kill people.

    Well, and current situation kills the information sources, especially independent.

    No one is allowed to promote their product until it’s shipping ?

    I like your questions :-) All had been explained in very good detail.

    No one is allowed to rise their own pack of journalists/filmamkers/etc who has early access to product and use it for company and their own advantage :-)

  • But has Blackmagic actually done that ?

    So far I’m the only one they’ve used more than once.


  • @johnbrawley

    I believe that whole point here and partly in Andrew rant was that BM is turning into big guys (C,N,P) thing, and can become fully like them.

  • Right. But mostly all he did was attack me. And for what ?

    I’m really happy to have the debate. Like we are.

    What he did was write a blog post that attacked me and accused me of lying and trying to sell Blackmagic cameras.

    Forgive me but I don’t feel the love...or even the argument you say he’s really trying to make.


  • @johnbrawley

    Well, it is Andrew. He likes to attack people :-) You are not expecting purr from piranha, right?

  • @johnbrawley

    Thank you for your contributions! I really appreciate you giving your time and prospective to this forum!

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev - I'm not understanding what Black Magic could have done better in the way they released the footage and files for download. This seems very transparent to me..

  • Agreed @johnbrawley . It really is a privilege to have a working pro on board here and everywhere. I follow your work with enthusiasm across all forums. Unfortunately unless you lock yourself away, if you set foot anywhere on the internet there is every chance you will bump into opinionated people, offendotrons, trolls, warriors of every cause under the sun and activists. You have handled yourself very well and professionally and have a thick skin which serves you well. Please continue helping us little guys with big dreams and ignore the noise and ad hominums.

  • Downloadable on Vimeo.

  • @matthere

    Oh god,this footage looks horrible. Yellow sky and blueish skin, this color correction reminds me of 3D animation.

  • @majoraxis @Ausboy

    For years also admire things John did.

    May be problems in online media is not so easy to see for ordinary reader, but they are very pronounced and will become really big with open conflicts soon.

  • The Areia creations stuff is some of my favorite personally so far LOL

  • I always think @johnbrawley gives it to you straight, and from a practical, hands-on film making perspective. This is a like a public service and he should get an award.
    As for the noise from some other people, sometimes you have to tune out the noise. It's the Internet--there's a glorious mural on every dumpster fire, with poetry and fiction burning along with the garbage.

  • @Lohmatij colour being the personal preference of who ever is grading, I do quite like the rendition of the contax zeiss on this.. been collecting a few of these myself recently.

  • Brawley has forgotten more than the rest of us will ever know. forgive the cliché.

  • He's one of the best to ever get behind a camera and those that don't see it never will.

  • What he does with a camera I do with a trumpet!

  • I hope BM RAW is free, cause that means I'm more likely to buy more cameras and more companies are likely to support it.

    This is an excellent opportunity to save on disk space, recording media, etc and update color science / colorspaces with the changing times.

    BMD is on a really good track here...

  • @NickBen BM RAW is free.

  • @OBgene

    Nothing is free in capitalism, especially this :-)

    As I said, it is huge question on how it happened that suddenly Apple and BM made formats that previously you could not make due to Red patents. I more or less clearly see that Apple did to gain it. But we can only wonder that BM agreed to.