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GH5 wake up from sleep via battery grip
  • was wondering how easy it is to modify an aftermarket gh5 battery grip so i can be used to remotely wake up a gh5 i intend to leave in a video camera trap that needs 24h power and be ready after a wake up signal to start recording video.

    the camera needs to stay on ready , as typically the gh5 can only wake up via a physical 1/2 press of the shutter butter.

    someone in the uk does it but they charge £300 which to be fair might be worth it depending on work involved but i cannot afford it and wondered if its simple or hard todo ?


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  • Ask @BTM_Pix at Eoshd forum. He is the man.

  • thanks allot i will contact them.

  • great thanks to him i have now modified a £40 aftermarket battery grip to allow wired and wireless remote wake up and recording, just needs 3 wires soldering onto the grip shutter switch a 2.5mm socket mounting inside and a canon eos shutter release cable.

    if anyone wants to know how its done i am in the process of doing a basic guide.

    i will need to experiment with 2 gh5 batteries and test there longevity left in standy as i'm trying to get a full 7day 24h out of it

    now i can leave my gh5 in a wood in a waterproof box via a motion trigger sensor that will wake the gh5 up and record video when animals and birds come to my drinking pool i have setup.