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10 years of Google Chrome - worst browser ever made by humans
  • Google Chrome had been conceived by top Google management in series of secret meetings more than 10 years, but first public release happened exactly 10 year ago.

    Idea of new browser had been very complex - to fully track all users of the browser, track and punish competitive advertisement channels, help hold and improve search monopoly and, finally, to start being private corporative censor with perspective to get fixed payment for the right to be opened in Chrome.

    Few years ago Google with other media organized campaign to discredit certificate providers they could not control, punished them without any law by banning fully in their browsers/ And as soon as goal had been archieved they started moving fast. Later this year they want to start marking any non SSL site as dangerous and next year want to make big splash screen and further lower search position of all so called "non secure sites". Due to planned campaign Google controlled company now issue around 95% of all free SSL certificates. Next year they plan to add new requirements to get such free thing and it is not hard that fight with "fake news" will be among them.

    In few years ahead it'll become clear how big and grand the plan was. Plan not in the interests of the people, but instead made fully against their interests.

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  • I hate Chrome. I don't know why I use it. Suggestions for good alternative? I use opera on my desktop.

  • Vivaldi is a fast alternative to Safari and Opera.

    From Wikipedia: The browser is aimed at staunch technologists, heavy Internet users, and previous Opera web browser users disgruntled by Opera's transition from the Presto layout engine to the Blink layout engine, which removed many popular features. Vivaldi aims to revive the old, popular features of Opera 12

  • Awesome I use opera and will check out vivaldi

  • Waterfox (Firefox without most of its backtracking, spying,... - but I have not tried it myselfe yet).

  • Chrome is the best browser.

  • @tonalt

    I expected something like "it is sign of Christ on earth" at least :-). Just, please, use some paper to write your responses and remember general lines, as next time as I'll write something about Christianity you'll state that you are Satanist from your birthday.

  • Which browser is NOT made by humans? I'd like to try it!

  • I just leave this here.


    1137 x 556 - 147K
  • @tonalt

    You mean that "evil always win"? :-)

    But in reality all you see on chart is simple monopolistic market. Where you and your data are being sold and served on the plate. And you are happy.

  • Chrome will now offer to automatically generate a random password when you sign up to websites for the first time. This password will be stored inside a Google Account securely and synced across desktop and mobile versions of Chrome.

    Nice, and, of course, Google will sit on all your collected passwords tight, never share to anybody. Of course.

  • UPDATE: Installed Vivaldi dumped Chrome. Magically my laptop no longer hangs every 15 minutes while browsing and forces a restart. Smooth fast sailing the web now. I always assumed it was a windows issue and tried so many fixes. Duh. Thanks to PV. Fuck google.

  • This guys made new alliance to push this shite

  • Since Chrome v86, released October 2020, cross-site resources like fonts can’t be shared on the same CDN anymore. This is due to the partitioned browser cache.

    Need to fill larger SSD and make things slower.

    In reality Google has their own special tools to track you, hence they want to make it harder for others.

  • Chrome also got a new feature for scanning suspicious downloads, the hash will be always sent to Google servers. In the future, all files will be first uploaded to the Google server for a more thorough check by Google, NSA and CIA, and only then it will be allowed to download them to their computer. If desired, for initial period this function can be disabled very deep in the setting.