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EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti for $599
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  • Underwhelming? What you are talking about? Do you have benchmark tests somewhere?

  • @tonalt

    It is ban on benchmarks for now. But guys in the industry tell that things are not nice (outside strange ray tracking shit).

  • Don't make assumptions on rumors.

  • @tonalt

    Don't make assumptions on rumors.

    It is not much rumors. If you will be long in the news/reviews industry you'll learn.

  • Well, it got like 21% more cores at a lower clock speed and a boost in memory performance. In the most optimistic use case, it could be 25-30% faster for existing software and it will most likely be a lot less for a bunch of things (expect 10-15%).

    Underwhelming performance would also explain why they are doing a 1-month preorder on it - I'd be shocked if the review embargo were lifted more than a week before the cards ship (in order to keep people from canceling orders).

    It would also explain why their demos on stage were pretty much entirely ray tracing and not showing huge gains in existing software and/or games.

    In the meantime, a 1050 is more than enough for most 4k editing use cases and a 1080ti is outstanding (and a great deal at $600 - if I hadn't just blown all of my spare money on new lights for a series of upcoming night shoots, I'd be all over that deal to replace the 970 in my home theater/gaming PC).

  • In the meantime, a 1050 is more than enough for most 4k editing use cases and a 1080ti is outstanding

    With proper NLE 1050 Ti must be enough for anything besides raw 4K and 8K. All algorithms must be properly implemented, instead of current situation where most firms do not care about resources and just offer you to buy more RAM or more expensive GPU.

  • Sure - I was mostly speaking from my experience on my laptop (1050 maxq) with Resolve where with some LUTs and color correction applied, playing 4k 8-bit back in Resolve results in about 70% GPU utilization according to Windows. I'm guessing it could be more efficient, but I don't think people are going to jump ship from Premiere/FCP/Resolve/other major editors because they aren't as fully optimized as they could be.