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Best small Cinematic camera handheld with no rig for docs? (No IBIS)
  • I want something handheld that is able to shot docs. I don't want to use IBIS, maybe I have to have it?

    I was wondering about the Kinefinity 4K but am wondering if it can be barebones handheld without jello and shitty images?

    Any other options. I wish there was a global shutter option...

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    • Not handheld
    • Image stabilization

    Choose one.

  • When numerous factors (cost, ease, specs, etc.) are considered, I would suggest for you the best Panasonic you can afford.

  • I hear they make nice prosthetic arms for $10,000. Seriously though, I have even seen steady, beautiful, handheld images from the likes of EVA 1 and Red, so I guess if you work out regularly and don’t mind adding a bit of stabilization in post, it’s entirely possible.

  • You want handheld but not IBIS?!?!

    I think you should just go with IBIS, and get a Panasonic GH5 with a lens that has OIS as well.

  • Or you could get a heavier camera - shoulder rigs tend to be a bit more intrinsically stable.